10 Japanese Urban Legends Scary Horror Stories

If you're a fan of horror and if you think that nothing can frighten you, that's well served 10 horror stories of Japanese origin . Fearless and fans of the genre do not be afraid to read: if it were to occur at least some of these characters in your own home, you already know how to deal with!

Like, do not believe us? They are just legends? Perhaps, of course. Or maybe not. Who knows, you may soon find out for yourself ...

Top 10 Japanese Urban Legends Scary Horror Stories

1) Kushisake Onna - Woman with mouth split

The picture is very pretty, is not it? According to legend, the presence of a mysterious woman with her ​​mouth split from ear to ear  that could pop out at any time while you are walking quietly by yourself, especially if the dark or in the evening and night hours.

Even if you wanted to, you can not get away from her because he has a clever gift: to teleport anywhere it wants, so it may follow you indefinitely until you do your routine question.

"I'm beautiful?" . If your answer is no, she will cut off your head with a large pair of sharp scissors. If, instead, you say yes, take away the mask that is used to bring to show its true face and his huge cut on his face. Ask again: "And now, they are still beautiful?" . If your answer is no, you will cut in half. If the answer is yes, you will do the same cut on your face.

2) Aka Manto - Red Coat

Aka Manto is the legend of a young man obsessed by evil bathrooms. When you happen to sit on a toilet, but there is no toilet paper available, will appear and ask you if you want red paper or the blue (some versions speak of a red coat, or blue). If you choose the red card the evil will shatter your body, and if you opt for the blue one you will be strangled. In both cases, your order will not be of the best!

3) Tomino's Hell Creepypasta Tomino's Hell

It is a poem with a terrifying curse inside. In fact, anyone who reads aloud, he dies. Tomino's Inferno was written by Yomota Inukino and is included in the book "The Heart is Like a Rolling Stone" in 1919. Try searching on Google and try your luck if you dare ...

4) Hitobashira - Human Pillars

Once upon a time in Japan, it was believed that putting human beings during the construction of buildings, make it more stable and solid the building itself. They were usually buried within the pillars. Today, it is said, that the buildings buried with humans for this purpose are very many, and that humans within the pillars attempt to persecute anyone who comes into those buildings.

5) The Teke Teke - AKA Tek-Tek

The Teke Teke seems to be the noise that this monstrous creature makes as it moves. It is said that she was a beautiful woman who one day fell on the tracks of a subway station and a train has cut in half. His anger is still so strong that night, with only the trunk of the body, goes in search of revenge. If you encounter can not escape it: even with half the body is very fast and will cut you in two with a scythe.

6) Cow Head 

The horror legend tells that one day during a school trip, the teacher to entertain the students began to tell of the horror stories. When he spoke of a story called Cow Head, the students begged him to stop. But the teacher, in a trance, he could not stop and continued the story. When regained consciousness, he saw the students and the bus driver unconscious and foaming at the mouth. Some of them died a few days later.

7) Okiku Doll -  kimono

It is one of the most famous stories about Japanese dolls cursed. It is said that it was bought in 1918 by a young man named Eikichi Suzuki in Sapporo and a shop that was donated to her younger sister Okiku. The child was very happy to receive the doll as a gift, but soon after died suddenly. The parents so they placed the doll on an altar and prayed every day for your baby. After a few months the doll's hair began to grow . In 1939, the doll was brought into the temple of Mannejin where it still resides today, and his hair continues to grow (without any scientific explanation).

8) Kleenex - Japanese urban legend

In 1980, the Kleenex aired one damned spot : the spot was in fact accompanied by background music that seemed the most similar to a folk song with a lot of cursing. Not surprisingly, perhaps, many members of the cast of the advertising of handkerchiefs and died prematurely due to mysterious circumstances ...

9) Passenger Fatale
The legend tells of a taxi driver who, in a desolate place, is suddenly stopped by a person seeking to climb. The passenger leads the driver in a strange place and lost. Then suddenly disappears. The driver turns to the steering wheel and realizes that is falling from the edge of a precipice. Eye taxi drivers from all over the world!

10) Jinmenken - Dogs with a human face

The Jinmenken are dogs who walk with a human face and they run at night along the national highway in Japan. It is thought that they are the embodiment of the spirits of the victims of road accidents. Watch out for accidents if you see through something or someone on your lane, drive carefully!
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