10 most popular women fashion blogger on Instagram

Have thousands of followers and dictate the law in terms of style and new trends. They are the 10 most popular fashion women bloggers on Instagram.

Instagram is undoubtedly the ideal Kingdom of all fashion bloggers. The passionate fashion have made social platform their favourite tool for getting to know, follow and love, or rather worship through their Flash shots. A unique way to engage with their followers, showing them their own style, places visited, friends, their lives.

Instagram became in short time a magazine by browsing, searching for the latest trends, clothing, accessories and right combinations, in fierce competition with the usual magazines. No coincidence that fashion is one of those words super inflated by Instagram. A word that is searched for as a hashtag in Solution Explorer page of the application, employs nearly 1 million photographs, continues to increase.

But what are the most popular bloggers on Instagram, those who have been able to exploit fully the potential of the application?

10 most popular fashion women bloggers on Instagram

Chiara Ferragni

A mention to Chiara Ferragni is a must when it comes to fashion blogging. Just to even name it on the web, to receive in return like avalanches, storms and hurricanes comments tweet and shares. There is always someone who loves her and follows assiduously, who instead criticism, always finding something to say about his personal life or his look. Yet its The Blonde Salad opened in 2009 has made the Queen of fashion on the web in Italy and in the world (with or without a boyfriend). On Instagram has more than 2 million followers, between haters and lovers, that follow every day around the world, the most exclusive events, observing it wearing clothes by thousands of euros. Its success? A stroke of luck. A very well built.

Nicoletta Reggio

With his blog Scent of Obsession, Nicoletta Reggio, originally from Novara has become very popular on the web and one of the most popular bloggers on Instagram. The Region is not only a passion for fashion, but also a lover of photography and its profile collects thousands of shots. Nicoletta loves mixing heads and bon ton vintage, which make her look simple, but at the same time very chic. And maybe its refined simplicity, as well as availability interacting with his followers by giving them fashion and lifestyle tips, as usual according to its growing success.

Chiara Nasti

Chiara Nasti just 16 years already boasts thousands of followers, 350mila only on Instagram, where you can find it under the name nastilove. The beautiful Naples saw to get the big hit suddenly, quickly becoming one of the most famous Italian fashion bloggers. A phenomenon, say the trend setter. His blog was born only a year ago, but Clare has already worked with many brands of fashion and designed its own capsule collection. Fashion companies Woo, the send gifts, fashion designers the look. Her look is young and fresh and the girls of her age you recognize in yourself, follow in her outfit, buying everything that Clare is wearing. The criticisms do not spare even her. It will be the fault of the name?

Veronica Ferraro

To stay still in Italian territory, here's another fashion blogger nostrane. She is Veronica Ferraro, 22 years. His blog The Fashion Fruit is one of the most followed and commented. His shots offered on Instagram well-kept in every detail, from accessories to outfit, from the choice of light at the location. The photo posted on the social platform are the work of Giorgio Merlin, Veronica's boyfriend for a year. Is your marketing consultant, which gave a more professional cut to its activities. Despite collaborations with historical brand the blogger also likes to wear cheap clothes from Zara, Mango, H & M, or approaching the daily lifestyle of his followers.

Aimee Song

She is one of the most popular fashion bloggers and follow in the world, also from the United States blogger, boasting more than a million followers on their profile Instagram. Her name is Aimee, is an interior designer, but his great passion is fashion. His blog is called Song of Style and look that offers each day, mixing vintage and urban, never fail to simplicity and freshness.

Negin Mirsalehi

She is Dutch and he founded his blog only a year ago, reaching great results quickly, given its notoriety. Just 25 years, Negin Mirsalehi already has more than a million followers on Instagram. Even in this case, its simplicity is at the heart of its success. Negin offers original outfit, who follow the latest trends and where details make the difference.

Jessica Stein

Jessica Stein, or simply Tuula, the blog that she edited, is a Australian girl 24 years living by travelling around the world, sharing his experiences and his outfit on their profile Instagram. Scroll through your photos is a pleasure. His shots take you far more remote corners of the Earth, discovering the wonderful sceneries, where her outfit fit perfectly for cut and color. Everything seems to be studied in detail, showing natural and spontaneous at the same time. Its original and personal look, very chic, straight lines that follow a slender body and top model. Her profile has half a million followers.

Rumi Neely

Rumi Neely opened his blog called The Fashion Toast in 2008 and came out right away. Professional model, combines the love for fashion as for photography and the vintage. Its popularity is in the style of the photo and its beauty hybrid, a mix of Scottish descent, Japanese and German. Her look is approaching times a gipsy style, sometimes that hippie, to get lost in the American style of the West Coast. Parallel to his blog Rumi has opened a boutique on Ebay vintage Treasure Chest Vintage, where you can find most of the worn in his photographic shooting.

Wendy Nguyen

His blog, Wendy's Lookbook, is among the most popular in America and around the world. Are you Wendy Nguyen, originally from San Francisco. His greatest passion is fashion and over at his blog opened a Youtube Channel, where it gives its fans fashion tips. But Wendy is also a hidden side, far away from this world of style and beauty. It is also an actress and an educator volunteer in a juvenile prison. His vaguely bon ton style and chic is the weapon with which he conquered his fans. On Instagram has half a million followers, continues to increase.

Nicole Warne

Nicole Warne, on Instagram garypeppergirl is the Japanese-Australian blogger Gary Pepper Vintage, a fashion blog launched in 2009. Style icon and star of paparazzatissima Instagram has more than 800,000 followers, Nicole is known for his elegant bearing, for the charm and flair for Haute Couture. His romantic and glam are mises, never granted, always original and super stylish. But she is not just a blogger, he has known take full advantage of all his talents, as a model, creative director and stylist. Numerous collaborations with gtandi brand, but also with low cost ones.
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