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A flaw in the system of iCloud has allowed a hacker to get hold of all the private photos of the star: the photos on the web hard to Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and many other Hollywood stars.

If you believe that your mobile phone can be a safe place to keep private photos that tell of nights of passion and unbridled desires, you're probably wrong. Jennifer Lawrence , Kirsten Dunst and many other Hollywood stars are finding themselves facing a very delicate issue , namely the dissemination of their photos on the internet hard because of a bug, a flaw in the system of iCloud, Apple's platform where you keep all the data of the devices of the bitten apple. Currently the story, which is causing great sensation, is under close observation by the competent authorities. The photos are making the rounds of the web, from various Tumblr for any type of blog, is a topic on Reddit "hot trend" while TMZ, the famous American gossip site, announced that the hacker who stole the photos would put contact us to find a buyer.

The attention is very high, the most important portals and social are taking strict measures: will anyone to post photos of hot Jennifer Lawrence, or any other celebrities, will get your account deleted. Stringent measures with newspapers that spread shots. A lot of the celebrities involved: Kate Upton, Ariana Grande (the only one to refute strongly the authenticity of the photo), Hope Solo, Lea Michele, Becca Tobin. The only confirm the authenticity of the photo was just Jennifer Lawrence, shots that would see them really impossible to deny.

Rihanna hot, the hacker: "I have over 20 pictures and Videos Hot Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence"
The hacker claims to be in possession of more than 20 photos of Rihanna in hot poses, even in this case stolen from his account to iCloud. There is still no confirmation, nor official statement from Apple.

Even the Israeli model Bar Refaeli has been the victim of 4chan user anomino that is spreading gradually all the photos that came into possession. In particular, the picture of the model are way over the top, especially when compared with the remaining stolen photos. Bar Refaeli shows poses in absolutely hard, and is devoted to masturbation. Even Lea Michele, the star of "Glee," has been the victim of the hacker: in this case, the shots are very hot colors.

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