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Top 5 Best Smartwatches 2014

Zak Ben - Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What's a smartwatch? The 2014 will be the year of the , a category of booming devices that offers a new level of interaction with your own clockby adding a functional innovative industry that goes far beyond simply displaying the date and time. But can a smartwatch become really a useful in everyday life?

As usual, when it introduced an innovative technological object, the interest is initially limited to those who can't help but be constantly updated on new technologies, whose curiosity exceeds the actual usefulness of the object. In fact, contrary to what you might believe, currently the smartwatch is able to offer a number of convenient features.

How many times we parade our smartphone Pocket just to check the presence of notifications? The gesture of removing the smartphone, unlock it and open specific applications is not just the immediate average size of current smartphone or the fact that, in the case of the female audience, is placed inside a bag. Much more convenient to turn your wrist to check notifications, mail, messages or missed calls, checking out your smartphone only if necessary. Is this the greatest advantage that can offer one smartwatch, which allows you to not have to constantly check your smartphone, action often is associated with a total disconnect from reality that surrounds us.

Also on display is the main culprit of consumption in a smartphone and the continuous display switches, even if only for a short time, such as those required to control notifications or other, have a major impact on the possibilities of arriving at night with a single charge. Use your smartphone for only the tasks that you really must then extend considerably autonomy.

The  has other advantages. In addition to pair with your smartphone thanks to specially developed applications, there are numerous additional features available online, thanks to the large developer community (as in the case of Pebble), which continually extends the possibilities of use.

There is also to say, however, that many people still prefer the look of a traditional mechanical watch, as well as may appear frustrating remember to also upload the smartwatch in addition to smartphones, so that the battery will run out during the day.

It is too early to judge the utility a key objective, linked to the preferences and habits of each user, but the potentiality of this new category of gadgets are really a lot as well as interesting are developments towards new models.

After trying some of the best known and popular models, we want to introduce you to those that, in our opinion, are the best smartwatch present on the market. The leaderboard will be updated during this 2014, which is full of novelties in the field of the smartwatch. What do you think? What is your favorite smartwatch?

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