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10 Bizarre Weird Things That Have Fallen From the Sky

Zak Ben - Tuesday, April 01, 2014
5. Spiders

How do spiders inexplicably raining from the sky?!? Watch this video, and maybe you can figure it out. What you are seeing looks like a rain of spiders, but in reality it is a huge cobweb built by tens of thousands of specimens of spiders! Has occurred in South America, in Santo Antonio da Platina, Brazil!

4. Golf Balls

Inexplicable, yet it really happened, and all the people who were there can testify: it was September 1, 1969, and golfers present in the Punta Gorda, Florida, thought for a moment that someone would have wanted to kill! Dozens and dozens of golf balls have started to fall from the sky incredibly, according to meteorologists and the phenomenon could be explained only if a tornado had passed in those parts, he raised a number of balls in the surrounding area to bring them, as it happens, just above the field playing!

3. Worms

In a Scottish school, however, the unthinkable happened, and this is one of the mysteries that still remain unresolved: David, one of the masters, he was leading his pupils to play football, when he suddenly began to rain from the sky ... worms! Initially the kids were fun, but after a few minutes they started to run screaming. 120 worms were found that day, in the neighborhood!

2. Frogs

What would you do if you saw a herd of rain from the sky ... frogs?!? It really happened, in that of Odzaci, a village in northern Serbia, notably in 2005. Older people initially thought that it was a signal of forthcoming doom, but there is a scientific explanation: when a violent thunderstorm accompanied by a tornado or strong gusts of wind in the presence an area where there are seas, lakes or ponds, in addition to be sucked water are taken away also possible forms of life, such as in this case the frogs!

1. Meat

This would probably be the dream of all: in 1876 it happened that over Olympian Springs, Kentucky (USA), it rained meat! Two men, intrigued, tried to taste it, and declared that they could deal with lamb or mutton! Who knows what will have happened!