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The Halloween costumes of celebrities are always original, and we could not show you the most interesting. Halloween is one of the most popular festivals in the Anglo-Saxon countries and the star often decide long before it will be their outfits for the night of witches and ghosts and if they do made ​​to measure, especially for a night only! They organize party pharaonic but, above all, are competing to wear the dress more original and gorgeous. If you still have no idea what to wear just to try to inspire celebrities who adore this macabre feast, which, by now, has conquered United States.

If there is a character in the international star system that has been able to own this feast one hundred percent, this is definitely Heidi Klum . The festivals organized by former supermodel for Halloween, in fact, are really famous and every year to impress his guests, sported bizarre and unusual costumes . Impossible not to remember it when it assumed the form of a transformer red and fuchsia or, when, riding a brown horse, turned into a dark version of Lady Godiva . Among the most curious are those of Marc Jacobs who, with his overwhelming irony, played the role of a cheerleader and also a funny and irreverent, furry character. Amazing the idea of Brooke Shields that, in a recent edition of the festival, chose to turn in Uncle Fester and dress her two daughters from Morticia Addams! I must say, never seen a picture of the family so well done!
If the proposals of some celebrities, such as the model Carmen Kass transformed into the diva of Pulp Fiction, were funny, other stars were exaggerating proposing began in questionable taste. And 'the case of Kim Kardashian whose Halloween costumes, Little Red Riding Hood in the DC Comics character Poison Ivy , are becoming more succinct and a little 'vulgar. Fall Style for director Sofia Coppola , immortalized with a Red Indian costume perhaps more suited to the Carnival rather than Halloween. Really amazing the solution adopted by the beautiful Kate Beckinsale and her husband, director Len Wiseman, who became in Mr. Frankenstein and his wife.

Among the funniest costumes are those of the protagonist of the TV series Pretty Little Liars. If Ashley Benson rips a laugh conciandosi as Tweedledee or Tweedledum, Mrs Lucy Hale affects everyone with a dress really funny and weird at the same time. With a top and skirt fuchsia, pink hair orecchiette with multicolor, as well as furry boots, the pretty brunette has turned into a unicorn, and pose just as great horse.
Among the most sensual sure there's Stacy Keibler , the last woman to George Clooney, who is dressed in top version of Black Swan, complete with a mask worked. The white version was played by Lea Michele, star of Glee, but, although the dress is perfect, little convincing with this set . Christina Aguilera instead exaggerates with a version of the medieval queen among the hot punk and utter trash. Do not believe us? Look at the photo gallery and find out for yourself!

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