Top 10 Best British Tv Series 2013 / 2014

The 10 best British tv series in recent years. Looking at the numbers, in these three years Serial Minds dealt above all of us tv series. Normal, given the amount of material they produce those there. However, always keep an eye on what's happening in England, pointing out that the British tv series are often better than American ones, for ideas, writing, directing. These are often radically different products, which based its diversity especially on one element: the duration. Those who follow American tv series is used to seasons of 13 or 24 episodes, whereas in England you get to toil to 8 episodes per season. An element that leads to thinking differently individual episodes and all aspects of storytelling.

Today we try to give you a list of ten British tv series that just can't be missed. This is especially of the series aired in recent years (with a big exception in the queue), chart positions are random and we know that many things are left out (Yes, I know: missing Doctor Who, sooner or later we will make this damned recuperone). In any case, the Council is going to examine the category Brit: there you will find all the English series of which we have spoken.
The piece they have written Clear Grizzaffi (CG) and Marco Villa (MV).

Top 10 Best British TV Show You Need To Watch 2013 2014 List


Compared to u.s. tv series, those Brits are different for many reasons: duration of seasons, directing, photography, care of the narrative. Compared to the British series, Sherlock is a thing unto itself. Firstly, for the duration of each series: each episode is pretty much a movie, given that reaches 90 minutes. Second: for the duration of seasons, three episodes for each of the two produced so far (the third is coming). Beyond these features, Sherlock deserves to be in this ranking because it is a tv series about a monstrous quality. Sherlock Holmes brought today means take a detective now beyond myth and make him the leader of the nerds: autistic traits, lateral thinking, genius. The strength of Sherlock is in two exceptional players such as Benedict Cumberbatch (will be the new Hugh Grant by little) and Martin Freeman (now Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit), battles and yellow episodes never banal (beautiful strength, there is Conan Doyle behind). If in the United States the serial revolution has passed for The Sopranos and The Wire, the English cannot help but Sherlock. (MV)


Utopia 's had already talked about as one of the five best series by the birth of Serial Minds today. Exaggerated? Well, though perhaps it would not be in my personal top five, is surely one of the most interesting products we've ever seen. And one of the strangest ever, where strange rhymes especially with disturbing. A group of assorted stramboidi rather by age, sex and ethnicity finds himself at the center of a global conspiracy, apparently revealed through the pages of a comic book. If this so it may seem almost the plot of a sit com, right from the beginning Utopia instead puts in scene a rarely seen violence on tv and tells of a world in which everyone, both the victims and the perpetrators are often weak and inadequate, puppets in the hands of a kafkianamente invisible power. Difficult to pigeonhole in a kind mind, Utopia is beautiful just because you like its characters, the weirdo among the tv series. (CG)


In these years has changed everything. Have changed comedy, drama have changed, changed the concept of the tv series. Certainly the teen series have changed, what is certain is that Skins is a teen series like never had seen before. Arrived in recent months at the seventh and final season, was for two years a masterpiece, for two other something good, for the last two something nasty. But the masterpiece of the first two years is really hard to explain in words. Talking about basic English kids who drink, take drugs, fucking. Ok, this is not the first time that we talk about these things, but this is the first time you do it that way on television, with the depth and the aptitude of the Gus Van Sant for Paranoid Park. The characters of the first two seasons of Skins you have attacked me with their stories of loneliness and anorexia, until huge dramas such as the death of a parent. A beautiful series. The first two seasons can not see. (MV)


Raise your hand if, watching big brother for more than a few minutes, did not have the feeling of losing much of his mental faculties. Personally, on more than one occasion I even thought of bite to the throat compelled me to see it, so it is with the spirit of who manages to avenge at least metaphorically I approached Dead Set. The concept, as simple as it is ingenious, it is precisely this: Britain is a victim of an epidemic of zombies, which arrives at the gates of the studies in which turns the British version of the show. With sadistic cynicism, we witness the turn of idleness competitors Golden into a nightmare. Dead Set retains many elements of the horror genre, but he declines fiercely ironic twist: the parallel between the hungry zombies and the public who yearn for even just an appearance of the inhabitants of the House, when they try to make you burst, is far too explicit. And the finale, the last picture is from the anthology. The author is the same as Black Mirror, another masterpiece series Made in UK. (CG)

5. the MISFITS

Misfits is the right idea at the right time. Misfits is the series that takes the winning idea of the lost adolesences of Skins, the limelight by bringing the drama to the grotesque and the supernatural. And superheroes. You say: that's going to be a brothel, botched stuff. Yes, too, but that's the beauty. Misfits tells the story of boys and nerds on the sidelines that, while they are engaged in socially useful work, are hit by lightning and receive superpowers. No superpowers, powers that compensate to the nth degree their relational deficits: what is always excluded from all becomes invisible, that he fears the judgement of others begins to read in thought and so on. Don't expect superheroics to "save the world", we are from another part. The protagonists of Misfits are nerds and nerds are, in keeping with the name of the series itself. Here there is no rematch of Peter Parker's situation, just a series of funny and exciting episodes. And a handful of characters which binds us instantly. (MV)


Again the Zombies: ours is necrophilia, I swear, is that in a few years the British have placed two bombs and you could not mention them both. Especially since zombies are rather trendy: consider The Walking Dead – basically faithful to the dictates of genre – or the saga of Warm Bodies – who, hybridizing horror and teen drama, not so deviates from certain habits. However, as often happens, the English there are and look at the Philo zombie: humanity is so plagued by an epidemic that turns the dead into zombies, but has managed to find a cure. Reintegration into society "civil" (the quotes, as you will see, are de rigueur) is anything but easy, and the traumas and wounds of the past are not to resurface. Personally, is one of the series that I loved the most: In the Flesh using Yes the monstrous as a metaphor for large collective wounds (impossible not to think about the war, or fear of foreigners) or pulls back to adolescence (step by step where you are to redefine their identity), but does so in a completely new. Unlike products Made in the USA, which often hide behind the spectacular or molasses teen products ultimately reassuring moral, In the Flesh goes straight to the point and hits hard, small and large unmasking hypocrisies that lurk in every community of people "morally upright". (CG)


In recent times one of the most passionate feuds that have witnessed is that between Sherlock fan and fan of Luther. I think people are strange and you'll probably even reason, the fact is that as things stand. Sherlock and Luther are the two most popular British crime series of recent years. And maybe you can remove "crime". Luther tells the story of Chief Inspector John Luther, a top big man so starring Idris Elba, Stringer Bell already unforgettable in The Wire. John Luther is a genial COP and disinclined to discipline. Above all, John Luther is a gigantic body that moves awkwardly, always speaking in a coat that seems too small. Faces ruthless serial killer, who drag him firsthand among cases and intertwined with one of their torbidissima relationship, so much so that they become deadly or sexual. Over the course of three seasons and 14 episodes, Luther puts in line bets with a incredible tension, culminating in pure horror at times, always without losing sight of the human frailty of its protagonist, the real focus of the series. The series finale made me literally sucks, but it's a detail, because the previous thirteen-part certainly deserve a vision. (MV)


If I had to say what is the quintessential English series, probably I would say Downton Abbey. Not so much a matter of taste, but because it is a global phenomenon in all respects, which features a parody of Jimmy Fallon, citations in other show ammerigani, passing on our generalist tv and even this (in spite of castles that doesn't want the kittens). Downton is fever, my Dears, I have a friend who does not appoint human pity for that since I told her "watch it" managed to finish two seasons in less than 48 hours. Probably, what runs Downton Abbey so good is its ability to mix a well-kept, with dickensiani, echoes the appeal of certain lower forms such as soap. It is, in short, the contemporary television version of a good novel, with characters characterized with extraordinary care and a good dose of British wit, which never hurts. (CG)


In USA the debate on new media is primitive level, the reactions in the face of what happens on the net are often very similar to those of Mrs. Patmore when in the kitchen of Downton Abbey came the electric mixer, and England's Black Mirror. That is, one of those things that should be shown in schools and universities, and even Robert Fico, in loop possibly. The second stroke of genius of Charlie Brooker (formerly behind Dead Set), the second reflection on contemporary media, this time as a miniseries, consisting of 3 episodes, linked only from a thematic point of view. They share the positions of Brooker – which has a more apocalyptic attitude that built towards new media – it is impossible not to admire the extraordinary lucidity with which focuses on the problems related to them, whether it be the online gaming, Twitter, privacy issues and the permanence of all that enter in the network even beyond our control (and of our own existence in life). Are exemplary tales, unrealistic, that aim to arouse a reflection by no means trivial on how technology is changing our lives. If the ambitions are high, the result is the same. (CG)


It is not easy to find comedy British belle, because normally I miss from masterpiece to unwatchable crap. The Office (Yes, temporal supereccezione is rather antiquated) and The IT Crowd obviously belong to the first category and are here in cohabitation because they are two sides of the same coin. Both tell of an Office, but in very different ways. The Office is the series that made him famous Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, by then to put your name in the opening credits of the American remake (9 seasons, mica dicks). The Office is a bad series, which offers so much for the extreme idiocy of the main character David Brent (played by Gervais), one of the characters able to put more embarrass the viewer in the history of tv serials (and not only). The IT Crowd is set in the IT Department of a large company and starring two ultranerd to much so from sociopathy and a woman fast. In common with The Office there is widespread idiocy, but with the characters of The IT Crowd would you go out and drink a beer, because you in their affections. Is a clean and less extreme than The Office, but no less fun. In the other nine positions from this list we introduce many powerful drama. Here two comedy in their way. Why can't you understand new comedy without being passed by The Office.
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