10 Most Epic Travels Around the World

Bruce Chatwin (1940-1989), British writer and traveler, he recited in his book Anatomy of  published posthumously in 1996: " The journey is not only broadens the mind: the shapes . " Who, after reading some of his books, he never dreamed of giving it all up and leave? Here is the list of the 10 most epic journeys around the world from which to draw inspiration for your next destination.

10. The World by Road: in macchina dalla Nuova Zelanda a New York

The crew of the expedition of "The World by Road" are traveling by car across Australia, Asia, Russia, Europe (including Scandinavia), Africa and South America. After more than 50,000 miles a year and eight months of travel are almost straight. Check the latest updates: The World By Road .

9. Ted Simon: In the motorcycle around the globe twice

In 1977, Ted Simon set off on a journey of four years across Africa, the Americas, New Zealand, Australia and throughout Europe. He has covered 78,000 miles with his Triumph 500cc. Twenty-five years later, at the age of 70 years , I started another one. Ted has written books on all his travels. For more information visit her website: Jupitalia .

8. The Vogels: Cycling from Alaska to Argentina

The Vogels are a family of four (mom, dad, and 10 year old twins) who are traveling by bike for the whole length of the American continent. By now I'm traveling for more than two and a half years. Family on Bikes .

7. Karl Bushby: Walk around the world

Karl Bushby is trying to beat the world record for those who have walked more around the world. Departed from South America in 1998, then headed north to Alaska and across the Bering Strait ice (it is the first in the world to have done so) to Russia. So far it took him well eight years , and the next two got stuck in Russia to visa problems. Its ultimate goal is to London. If you respect the roadmap Karl, once the journey, will have walked for over 14 years , with over 36,000 miles traveled . If you want to follow him go to the website Goliath Expedition

6. Julie and Colin Angus completed the first circumnavigation of the globe with the help of human strength

In 2004, Colin Angus and his girlfriend Julie Wafaei, sailed from Vancouver and thanks to two years elapsed between bikes, skis, canoes, and excursions have completed the first circumnavigation of the globe only with the help of his own human strength. For more information, please visit their website: Angus Adventures .

5. Rory Stewart: A walk across Afghanistan in 2002

Rory Stewart will have covered most of the distance adventurers listed here, but we have to consider where and when he was walking. He wrote a book about his adventures called "The Places in Between" which can be viewed on his website: Rory Stewart Books .

4. Muldowney Frank: He pushed a wheelchair "empty" for the whole of Australia

Frank Muldowney pushed on a wheelchair his invisible friend "Harvey" from Perth to Sydney. A journey of 4000 miles undertaken to achieve peace in the world. Visit his personal website Believing in Harvey .

3. Kinga Choszcz: In hitchhiking around the world

In 1998, Kinga Choszcz Chopin and her husband left with only $ 600 for a trip that lasted four years hitchhiking around the world. Their incredible journey led him across the Americas, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and to Europe. Kinga has written a book about his experience titled "Led By Destiny". In 2005 Kinga part again, this time for Africa. Unfortunately he died of malaria in Ghana in 2006. Read all his adventures on his website .

2. Becky Sampson: traveling from London to Tokyo in the saddle of a horse

From London to Tokyo, on horseback. Becky Sampson and his pony, Bertie's Quest, are traveling more than 15,000 kilometers , for a total of four years , through Europe, Central Asia and Japan. With this trip Becky aims to raise £ 15,000 for SOS Children, an organization that works to provide safe places to live for children orphans. He began the journey in 2009. To follow the latest developments going on Expedition Equus .

1. Manon Ossevoort: traveling aboard a tractor from Holland to South Africa, and the South Pole

Manon Osservoort Dutch is a theater actress who is traveling from Holland to South Africa on a tractor. During the journey gathers the dreams of the people he meets, appuntandoli in a notebook. After South Africa will travel by boat to Antarctica, where he will continue on foot or by tractor to the South Pole At that point, plans to build a snowman, where he put in the pieces of paper on which he pinned the dreams of his traveling companions. With this trip will collect funds for the association War Child . To follow his progress go on his website .
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