Top 5 Famous Romatic Images Of Lovers Kissing

One of the most successful articles that we have written in the first weeks of life of this site was to was the most famous kissing pictures of the twentieth century, an article which we advise you to reread (or read for the first time) because passed from the famous Times Square Kiss between a sailor and a nurse immortalized by Alfred Eisenstaedt, who ended up becoming the subject of many statuesin Italy , as elsewhere – the Parisian Robert Doisneau, until the most recent examples. Five selected photos were mainly based on the image and reputation of the authors, that picture seems to say, have entered the collective imagination; but images of lovers kissing there are, in the history of photography, galore, many of them well-made, significant, inspired. Some of these, then, hide behind the image, a story, a relationship and a love that, we think, it is worth telling. That's why we decided to make a sequel to that first article today, suggesting five other famous images of lovers kissing.

Another kiss of Eisenstaedt
The end of World War II on Life

As we said at the opening, Alfred Eisenstaedt is probably the photographer most famous kisses in the world: its V-J Day in Times Square, published in 1945 on Life he immediately around the world and has become one of the most powerful symbols of the sense of liberation you feel when a war ends. But few know that this was just one of many images that the photographer of German descent released 14 August 1945 on the streets of New York: the magazine for which he worked had in fact given the task of creating a whole reportage, and he toured around the clock through the streets of the city, trying to capture with his Leica M3 the moments that seem more significant. And moments like that – he had already 46 years old, who had lived the world war in the trenches for Germany and then was due to emigrate in the United States because he was Jewish – in his life had certainly seen several, and had the eye to catch them. So happened to photograph various couples were celebrating, and if the image is that of the sailor kissing the nurse, there are certainly other impact. We have chosen the one you see here next: less of the other, less exuberant brazen, but no less full of feeling, of love, of relief. While on the other over the years has triggered the rush to discover cone were the two protagonists of the Kiss, regarding this nobody has ever wondered who they were a man and a woman – or would almost say the boy and the girl – who were caught in a moment of intimacy by photographer; and on the other hand, perhaps it should remain so, two anonymous representatives of those unforgettable historic moments.

The Kiss by Elvis Presley
The woman of mystery

After the war, the photographers were divided: there was who, as Robert Capa, continued to look for conflicts around the world, convinced by now that the photographer's craft was essentially that of a photojournalist who must represent and explore more dramatic realities around the world; There were others who began to follow the new stars that the war was bringing to the fore, whether they were exponents of the world of cinema, music, fashion. One of the brightest stars of that period was without doubt Elvis Presley, who in the mid-50 's began to get out of the local scene of Memphis and to be housed in the first experimental television programmes, such as the Milton Berle Show and the Ed Sullivan Show, which is often to censor his performances only from the waist up so as not to show his famous pelvic movements. His ascent to the Olympus of rock has been fixed on film, in those years, by Alfred Wertheimer, a photographer who was young at the time, that followed him everywhere on his travels around America. In 1956 Elvis immortalized in particular a 21-year-old who barely exchanged a kiss with an unknown girl under the stairwell in the backstage of her performance. The picture went out on many newspapers and caused a stir, especially since you could see distinctly the singer's language and kisses "French" were one of the many taboos of the day. In 2011, after years of speculation, the girl portrayed in the picture has finally made ahead, contacting the photographer via internet and finally convincing him to be her the woman in question, thanks both to old photographs and especially at its height, it was the detail that it matched the observations in many other suitors who had made progress over the years: the woman called Barbara Gray and had 75 years in 2011.

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton as Marcello Geppetti
The golden age of the paparazzi

A few days ago, speaking of I Promessi Sposi by Alessandro Manzoni, we were thinking about how sometimes the characters in a work of fiction are so powerful and have managed to leave an indelible mark not only readers, but also on their profession: thus the name Perpetua became over the years in the name with which it is still called every woman who acts as housekeeper to a priestbut in the same way the Paparazzo photographer name de La dolce vita by Fellini became synonymous with all those photographers who will launch the assault of vip on duty. The latter character, in particular, was created by Federico Fellini, Ennio Flaiano and Tullio Pinelli having in mind what happened every night along via Veneto in Rome; the main template was probably Tazio Secchiaroli, a famous Roman photojournalist, but we cannot exclude that among sources of inspiration there was also the boldest and reckless of those photographers, Marcello Geppetti, who aboard a scooter ran Rome – summer and the Romagna Riviera – looking for some star from capture. During those years he wrote numerous Geppetti scoop, which caused scandal perhaps more abroad than in Italy because his photos were published in American and British magazines: so it was that in 1961 immortalized Anita Ekberg while arrow took place on photographers and a year later the first naked Brigitte Badot busy sunbathing at his villa on the Appian way; but the picture that impressed most of all to international audiences was the one you see here next, a stolen Kiss between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in 1962 while they r on a yacht. The picture is especially important because at that time the two actors had not yet officially embarked on that long journey of weddings and separations that would have accompanied them throughout their lives: Burton was a rising star of American cinema, and, having impressed in the angry young men, had been hired to Cleopatra, whose blockbuster set had met Elizabeth Taylor; When filming had moved to Rome, the two had then kicked off their relationship, although they were both already married (Burton with Sybil Williams, who gave him two daughters, while Taylor was already the fourth wedding despite having just thirty years).

Lovers of Cartier-Bresson
Head, eye and heart on the same axis

By Henri Cartier-BressonBy Henri Cartier-Bresson we already had the opportunity to speak in the past, pointing out that it was good especially in portraiture, immortalizing with his shots some of the greatest artists of our century. but the French photographer was also a great reporter and theorist of his art, so as to be dubbed "the eye of the century". Parisian by adoption, was a friend of many colleagues, which after the war he founded the Magnum Agency, for which he made several reports around the world; but, as often happens, just click can also be found under home, as in the image you see here next, created shortly before Cartier-Bresson is put on its own initiative into retirement, hanging his camera to the nail – except in some rare exception in which true portraits, his old passion – to devote himself instead of body and soul, in the last years of his life, to painting: here too, the young lovers are unknown, portraits outside a coffee while you share a romantic kiss. And the Kiss had a Valence – albeit in metaphorical – aesthetic ideal of Cartier-Bresson: within a documentary released in 1973 on his work (titled as his most famous book, The decisive moment), saying that "the camera is a weapon. The camera can be a machine gun. Can be the psychoanalyst's couch. It can be a warm kiss. [...] For me photography was a means to draw. A sketch immediately, and that it could not correct. The only way to fix it was to do the next photo». Things, however, had already partly written in the previously mentioned book: for me the camera is a notebook of sketches, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity, the master of the instant which, in Visual terms, questions and decides simultaneously. To "give a meaning" to the world, one must feel involved in what he sees through the lens. [...] Take a picture [...] is putting the head, the eye and the heart on the same axis. "

The last Kiss
Hunting on the web to the two arrested

We conclude, as we did in the first episode of this our little photo survey of love, with a very recent and random image, whose popularity is due mainly to the great success he has had on the web. The photos you see here beside was taken in August 2012 from Mo photographer Gelber while in the Court of Manhattan; pleased with the shot taken without premeditation, decided to participate in a competition held by Director Ron Howard and the Canon, the Imaginat10n Project, which aimed to choose ten photographs from which to draw the subject for a series of short films. The picture had all the cards in order to be able to navigate the difficult selection, but Gelber – by regulation – needed the permission of two subjects photographed; for this within a few days began to do on social networks, trying to track down one of the two portraits (of whom did not know the names) to sign their release; in short, managed to contact Alexis Neal Creque, 28, who confirmed being the girl portrayed in the shot but would not know the demands of the photographer: after explaining that she was arrested because he was watching the boyfriend (Russell Murphy, of 26 years) while making a graffiti with spray outside an exclusive bar in Manhattan, the girl has arsed – using for truth more colorful words – the New York photographer quarantaduennenot giving you any permission to use the photo in that contest. Gelber, at least, it was with the consular popularity suddenly on the web.
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