The 10 countries with the Highest Murder Rate in the world

If you think that in your country are carried out many murders, is why you never found out what happens on the other side of the world.The Nations where most murders occur in the world, in fact, are all far from Italy and Europe, and are concentrated mostly inSouth America and in Africa. The data (which Japan from a report of 2012 theUnited Nation Office on Drugs and Crime) analyze the murder rate, which is the number of murders, calculated on the basis of a sample of 100,000 people.

10. Colombia

If you thought the home of drug lords were on the podium, you have wrong route. The murder rate in Colombia is the lowest of the top ten: 30.8.

9. South Africa – 31.0

Yes, South Africa by the breathtaking natural beauty of many colors, has a retro awesome Medal: 30.8 is its murder rate.

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Size doesn't matter. This tiny island nation in Central America, despite its small size and the offence of capital murder, has a rate of 33.6.

7. the Kingdom of Swaziland

Swaziland is a Kingdom of southern Africa. This is a very small absolute monarchy with approximately one million inhabitants; Yet, nevertheless, has a rate of 33.8.

6. Jamaica

Bob Marley would have torn every strand of rasta for this news: the given relative to Jamaica is worrying: 39.3 is the number of murders on 100,000 people.

5. Guatemala

39.9 is given relative to the presidential Republic of Guatemala. The number starts to grow.

4. El Salvador

On the border between Guatemala and Honduras, El Salvador after years of war is now going through a period of reconstruction, civil and moral. This also affects the 41.2 (about 100,000) murder?

3. Belize

Is a tiny state of Central America, which overlooks the Caribbean. The high murder rate (44.7), is especially tied to struggles between rival gangs.

Venezuela 2.

Shaken by protests in the city, the Venezula has long been a peaceful country. Very famous are the streets of Caracas and there are numerous kidnappings. Its murder rate is 53.7.

1. Honduras

Right above the Nicaragua, Honduras occupies the first place in the number of murders. The high crime rate is related primarily to cocaine trafficking. Its rate is 90.4.
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