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Top 10 Ugliest Cars Of All Time Photos

Zak Ben - Tuesday, February 25, 2014
There were the architects of the great bars around major cities. A real success. And then there are also the designers of these "things". "That head, I thought of it as car. Not holding the drawing upside down. Not bad? ". Well you tell me that there are people who bought these cars, but there are many people who look at the largest nightclub in the world, so it means nothing. Tribute to the ugliest of 4-wheeled vehicles. A selection of course not exhaustive and voluntarily subjective. (Shift January 201

Top 10 Ugliest Cars Of All Time Photos List Update 2014

1) Pontiac Aztec : a real cockroach on wheels extremely confusing design, which is not really the purpose of a car if you follow me. Cardboard in all rankings ugly cars.

2) Dongfeng D120 : one could possibly believe a désatreux tunning, but no, the car is sold as is.

3) Renault Fuego : honored in two James Bond (Kill and GoldenEye), she finished her career in a more satirical register "But who killed Pamela Rose?".

4) Fiat Multipla : the concept of an ugly car built on an ugly car gives a very ugly car. At least it is fixed.

5) Ford Ka : the answer to the Twingo. Had to try.

6) Matra Simca Rancho, it was she who wins our vote for the brand. The Simca 1000 and 1100 were also nominated.

7) Ssangyong Rodius the : either love or hate. We chose our camp.

8) Citroën Ami 6 : The friend who, we ask again. Certainly not the design anyway. Not ideal either just to make friends.

9) Hummer : the civilian version of the Humvee (multi-purpose vehicle wheels high mobility) military. The aesthetic is, in all probability, not a priority in the army.

10) Lada Priora sedan : modernity according Lada would now spend the Renault 4L for a particularly futuristic car.