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Top 10 Most Unusual Bizarre Prisons in the World

Zak Ben - Friday, March 21, 2014
When we think of prison, we imagine the old jail of Fleury topped all clich├ęs that we have watered the TV and film for years. This is normal, a priori nobody really wanted to hear about the zonzon Oz and ample enough for us. Except in reality, there is no more but a prison: the prison Bolivian village to the Norwegian open prisons, dance classes Filipino inmates cuistos Italians, small passage review of the world's most unusual prisons.

10 Most Unusual Prisons in the World

1. San Pedro Prison - Bolivia 

Bolivia is a beautiful country, magical landscapes, a passion for football and a prison internationally renowned (but not necessarily for the right reasons). Based in La Paz, the detention center San Pedro more like a small fortified city that Alcatraz. Restaurants, hairdressers, hotels, this is a real society with its caste and inequality that is reconstituted behind the walls. Here no guards or bars, inmates pay their cell as rent you pay, serve their sentence and go. San Pedro is far from being a paradise and elected officials by prisoners often solve problems with knives.

2. Prison Leoben - Austria 

You will come here more jailers to San Pedro but life in Justizzentrum Leoben is surely more enjoyable. Built there just 10 years, this modern prison is foremost respect for detainees. Cells are larger than average which earned him the nickname of 5 stars jail. Caution, however, remains the center Leoben prison, with its privations and its wall of barbed wire.

3. Prison Cebu - Philippines 

The Cebu jail does not host, angels, and to overcome the logic violence in a facility that combines the worst criminals in the region, the innkeeper decided to make them dance. The phenomenon has taken and in 2007, a video of inmates taking over the Thriller choreography has a global buzz. The story does not tell how they chose the one who had to dress up bitch but the result is convincing.

4. Prison Fortezza Medicea - Italy 

Italy had to ensure jail level and they chose their specialty kitchen. Prison Fortezza Medicea indeed has its own restaurant, open to the public, where everything is done by the inmates themselves, cooking service. And quality is at the rendezvous. We recommend you still yelling if you find a hair in your noodles.

5. Prison Presidio Modelo - Cuba 

The Presidio Modelo prison based on an architectural concept, the panopticon, invented by Jeremy Bentham, an English philosopher of the eighteenth. The goalkeeper is perched in a central tower that allows him to observe all prisoners at all times. Built by President Machado in the 20s, it will include the Castro brothers between 1953 and 1955. Then it was the turn of Fidel came to power, to enclose all who disturbed, anti-revolutionary homosexuals through Jehovah's Witnesses there. It is now a museum.

6. Canto Grande Prison - Peru 

Although this is no longer the case today, the Peruvian Canto Grande prison time was administered by the inmates themselves. The guerrilla movement (some would say terrorism) Marxist-Leninist "Shining Path" had indeed taken control and guards had quickly become unemployed. Schedules, education, workshops, everything was managed by "sentieristes" inmates who did not hesitate to to spread their values ​​and beliefs among their fellow inmates.

7. Prison Sark - Guernsey 

Sark The prison is the smallest prison in the world. It can accommodate two inmates. It is still sometimes used as a drunk tank. Let me tell you she has seen the boozer since 1856.

8. ADX Florence Prison - Colorado, USA 

THE ultimate prison. We are not talking of nice prison to dad, which we escaped by digging a hole or by planquant in the laundry basket. Here we are in the high-end, maximum security. The atmosphere feels bound for prisoners (mostly guys convicted of terrorism, and we know that the Yanks are a bit fussy with it), which can not leave their cells only 9 per week. This is not huge. No furniture, sink faucet without a timed shower and an inaccessible window. It's good.

9. Prison Aranjuez - Spain 
In contrast to the prison ADX Florence, the Spaniards launched a new concept in their prison Aranjuez allow prisoners to live with their families, which allows young children to grow up with their parents. While all detainees do not have this privilege and only one block from the jail cell offers "5 stars" furnished only where you will find Mickey posters pinned to the wall.

10. Prison Halden

Halden Prison in Norway pushes even further the concept of prison "pleasant" and modern which obviously has not caused a lot of discussions. Spacious cells, flat panel displays, gym, recording studio, guardians encouraged to be friendly with the prisoners short, it's pretty relaxed. The figures tend to show that rehabilitation is going much better in these conditions and we want to believe them.