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Top 10 Benefits of Being Single

Zak Ben - Thursday, March 20, 2014
Are you single and you have boxes full of this mushy Valentine's Day ? 

Are you afraid of falling into depression tonight, while all your friends in the couple will celebrate their "great love"?
Relax for a moment and try to realize how much you lucky ! Let us prove it with 10 beautiful cliche ten advantages of the single :-)

1. You sleep better
And 'scientifically proven: sleep two detrimental to the quality of sleep. And what's more, when you are alone, you can sleep with your socks.

2. You do not have to shell out money every month
His birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversary, engagement, anniversary of when you met ... in a nutshell it is always called upon to show their love with gifts.

3. You can also eat foods every day
I love cooking quick single. Tonight you can give yourself the seventh McDonald's menu this week for example!

4. Of not justify your favorite pastime ... even more strange that
if you want to make a castle in the living room, with the cartoons of the move, nobody will tell you anything.

5. You can not be accused of having a lover
Be seen as a Don Juan, and is really more class!

6. You do not have to justify every night your delays
Delay with whom? With yourself? There will be no more delays!

7. You can invite whoever you want, whenever you want
"But of course you can bring your friends? Especially if beautiful and / or clever and / or funny ...

8. You can fart without feeling uncomfortable
sounds silly, but when you're constantly with someone, there's never a way to release the pressure!

9. You can play a stupid game all night
, "Yo Naputo78, you're free for a game? The match will last 90 minutes to play in 5! "

10. You will no longer need to lower the toilet seat, or to close the bathroom door
and can also pee in the bath or in the shower if you truly escape.

And we could add yet another hundred advantages ... not bad being single, no?