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Top 5 islands that you can buy with less than 100,000 €

Zak Ben - Friday, March 07, 2014
How much would you be willing to spend to buy an island paradise as those that we are going to propose? During your free time, take a look on the internet, you might come across amazing deals for posts ... dreamy! Good vision at all!

Top 5 islands that you can buy with less than 100,000 €

5. Chandler Island – Maine (USA) – € 30,000

Let's start our trip to paradise with this beautiful islet located in the United States of America, more precisely in the State of Maine: you call Chandler Island, and costs little more than a normal car: only 30 thousand euros! Is the cheapest of our list!

4. Long Caye – Belize – 52,000 €

Climb slightly with the price and let's take a look at this amazing Island, which is located in the open sea: it's called Long Caye, and is located in Belize, in Central America. Its price is 52 000 euros, a figure in our opinion, excellent for a eden like this, away from any hassle!

3. Piaçabuçu Island – Brazil – $ 64,000

We move now in South America, specifically in Brazil, to show you this fantastic island with plenty of Palms: it's called Piacabucu Island, and its price is only EUR 64,000, more or less the price of a Mercedes or a BMW. But you prefer to shoot with a luxury car or have an island like this all to yourself?

2. Alligator Caye – Belize – € 79,000

Back in Central America, Belize, right where we had been a moment ago, to show you this fantastic Island, which is in second place in our list: it's called Alligator Caye, and its price is 79 thousand euros. As you can see, it's really great, besides being just offshore. What would you do if you could buy it? Would you build you something or leave as well? And above all, an island like this, who would you take? Family or friends?

1. Little Island – Canada – 80,000 €

We finally reached the first island of our ranking: his name is Little Island, and indeed is quite small, as Earth, but is located in a truly heavenly place, as you can see from the picture. Little Island is in Canada, and its price is 80 thousand euros. Of course, many would prefer to have an island slightly larger, like the one in second place, but the tastes are tastes. And you, which island would you buy?