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15 Best TV Series From The 90s To 2014

Zak Ben - Friday, April 11, 2014

Vulture, the cultural magazine of New York Magazine, has organized a tournament in direct clashes between the top 15 best American tv series drama of the last 25 years, to say the best. Point out the initiative because apart from a few exceptions (I've never seen NYPD Blue and My so-called life, and I would like to replace The Shield with 24) agree with the selection, which were found after the read. If you are looking for a tv series to watch, choose from these.

Top 15 Best tv Shows of the last 20 years (90s To 2014

Rank TV Series
1 Battlestar Galactica (4 seasons, 2004-2009)
2 Breaking Bad (4th, 2008-aired)
3 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (7th, 1997-2003)
4 Deadwood (3rd, 2004-2006)
5 Friday Night Lights (st 5, 2006-2011)
6 The Sopranos (6th, 1999-2007)
7 Lost (6th, 2004-2010)
8 Mad Men (4th, 2007-aired)
9 My so-called life (1st, 1994-1995)
10 NYPD Blue (12nd, 1993-2005)
11 Six Feet Under (st 5, 2001-2005)
12 The Shield (7th, 2002-2008)
13 The Wire (st 5, 2002-2008)
14 Twin Peaks (2nd, 1990-1991)
15 West Wing (7th, 1999-2006)
16 X-Files (9th, 1993-2002)

For now include deletions of Six Feet Under , the West Wing at the hands of Soprano and X-Files. Without pushing up the winner, for the semi-finals I would bet on The Sopranos vs. Breaking Bad and The Wire vs Mad Men.

UPDATE: the semi-finals were predicted, and the tournament was won by The Wire, in the final with The Sopranos.