10 Strange Animals That You Didn't Even Know Existed

10. Giant isopod

Let's start with this terrifying creature, the giant isopod is a giant of the deep, a large crustacean that can be up to a whopping 75 inches long. What would you do if you imbatteste in one of these animals?!? You can find it in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, especially the most voluminous.

9. Shoebill Bird

And now, the bird Shoebill: This is a strange bird that lives in East Africa. There seems very similar to one of the birds of Jurassic Park?!? Its shape and color are of the strangest ever seen! It can be as high as many as 140 centimeters tall, and weigh up to 7 kilograms. It is almost always harmless, unless it is in the hatching eggs: in this case, could become very irritable!

8. Fish-Bat red lips

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And now, a fish very special look at his form, and his lips! It is a very rare species, found in Costa Rica that you want to know how it moves?!? Does not swim, but instead uses the fins as legs, and ... he starts bouncing on the bottom! Really funny!

7. Mantis shrimp

Of this magnificent specimen can count up to 400 different species is very similar to the mantis on earth, is very aggressive and is lonely. It is also an animal's record is among the fastest of our planet!

6. Moth poodle Venezuelan

Look what curious and cute that this moth: the found itself for the first time in Venezuela, in the Gran Sabana region, and seems to be out of a cartoon!

5. Ant panda

Be careful, it looks small and harmless, this ant, but it is extremely dangerous: it is known as "killer cows", because of its very painful sting. As you can see, is colored just like a panda: it can be found in Chile, and it really is not an ant, but a wasp!

4. The Indian purple frog

Can you imagine this funny exemplary jumping?!? It is just a frog, the frog purple Indian, and is available both in India and in Madagascar is a strange amphibious who takes refuge in the dry leaves!

3. Goblin shark

Here you are one of the most terrifying sharks in the world, you can find it in the depths of the whole world, although it is quite rare to encounter! It's called goblin shark, and it is pink, with a muzzle absolutely scary!

2. Thorny Dragon

Here we are at our dragon: it is a reptile that can adapt to the habitat in which it lives, thanks to the presence of his armor and its colors that blend in perfectly with the sandy environments!

1. Marine Pig

In the first place the pork marine! Exactly, there is even a pig that lives in water, and the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, and the only thing it eats are muds of the deep sea. It is an evolution from the old "sea cucumber", and their appearance is absolutely scary!
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