10 Most Famous Heinous Serial Killer Of All Time

The most heinous serial killers and famous in history of all time

If you are easily impressionable, too sensitive or faint of heart, this list is not made for you because we are going to reveal the ten most heinous serial killer of all time. But if you have a minimum of curiosity, I suggest you continue, because what you are about to read will leave you speechless. This ranking, published by the You Tube Channel "Top Ten Parade", does not miss anything: rapes, murders, massacres, torture and suffocation and so forth.

Ten Thrilling locations (of fear) that will make you regret the most raw horror movie ever. When reality exceeds imagination, even the Italian horror maestro Dario Argento would be stunned in front of so much cruelty. And seen that lately all television channels are broadcasting programmes dedicated to news, unfortunately more and more current and equally brutal, we decided to do this for us, going back in time and discover what were the greatest serial killer of all time.

We discover together the ten positions of this thrilling Championship!


1° – Peter Niers (or Nirsch), we are between 1570 and 1581, when what is considered the most horrific serial killer ever committed 520 massacres. Nirsch killing pregnant women, opened their belly and killed the child who wore on her lap, or ate the heart. As punishment he was broken arms and legs, inflicted numerous injuries, threw boiling oil over and was quartered.

2° – Erzsebet Bathory (1560-1614): kidnapped and killed young peasant, 500 of which drank the blood or there was a bathroom. Suffered from sadism and practiced black magic. He believed that in this way he could enjoy the elixir of life.

3° – Amelia Dyer (1838-1896): Amelia adopted children, let them starve and then smothered them. She was awarded more than 200 murders, but the suspect was 400.

4° – Gilles De Raisthe French Commander, noble, Alchemist and sorcerer: a religious had convinced that sacrificing small would have released his Castle by a curse. The man kidnapped, raped and murdered 140 children to superstition.

5° – Henry Howard Holmes, "The Arcidemonio": built a grotesque home with gas chambers and torture rooms. Was breathing gas to its guests, scarnificava or melted them in acid and sold their skeletons.

6° – John Wayne Gacy, entertainer for kids: his repressed homosexuality was the motive of his pleasure of killing guys. Killed 33 young people between 1972 and 1978 and was sentenced to death.

7° – Jeffrey Dahmer (1960-1994): was his victims in gay bars, brought home, the throat, the was in pieces and then ate or retained. Was responsible for 17 murders between 1978 and 1991 and was sentenced to death.

8° – Brendan Burke and William Harethe second ran a hostel in Edinburgh and, agree with criminal friend Burke, decided to kill the old and poor tenants to sell the skeletons to research colleges. Hare confessed accusing Burke, who was hanged, but made a bad end because it was recognized and killed by a tramp.

9° – Edward Theodore Gein (1906-1984): the man turned the body parts of people killed in ornaments, with whom he created a Museum of horrors. Their skin was used to make him look like his mother, to whom he was tied so obsessive.

10° – Leonarda Cianciullithe Who (1894-1979): the Italian woman divided up the victims ' bodies into SOAP and edible cookies. He believed that killing would have averted a curse that is used on her and her children.

What about you? What do you think of these ten terrible ranking positions?
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