10 Simple Tips To Be Happier And Change Your Life

Perhaps happiness is not so unattainable. Maybe we can build it day after day, making our lives more and more beautiful. Here are 10 scientifically proven tips to help us live better and change your life in positive!

10. take care of a plant

Taking care of a seedling can be helpful for our mood, as day after day this little life form will become larger and more beautiful thanks to our attention. In addition, numerous studies have shown that the presence of plants around us, both at home and at work, increases good mood, reduces stress, psychological benefits and increases concentration. The plants also carry other positive effects: increase productivity, attention and be active much at work as they study, increase our satisfaction and our well-being; both earned our positivity!

9. Ponders

Tonya Jacobs of the University of California (Davis Center for Mind and Brain), led a very interesting study on the link between Mindfulness Meditation (aware) and cortisol production,(a hormone produced by cells when the body is too under stress), of our physical. The study focused on 57 persons, who at the time of the experiment have spent 3 months in a meditation retreat. Before you begin, experts have done the analysis of saliva to detect cortisol values of each subject and have also established the "level of willingness to let go, to remove the thoughts carry stress and to enter into different sensory domains". At the end of the study, it was found that the level of readiness had increased significantly, while cortisol values were lowered considerably!

8. Think yellow

The researchers decided to conduct research to give a color to happiness. The result was that the majority of respondents associated with happiness and optimism to the color yellow. The next time you're feeling sad, therefore, focus on the yellow, or begin to wear it, to bring a wave of positivity in your wardrobe!

7. listen to positive music

Music is a fundamental element in the life of each of us, because it has an effect that affects the overall personality, touching all the dimensions of our I. Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you are sad, you tend to listen to sad songs, and as a result is even more unhappy? According to the same principle, listening to music that produces "good vibes" has a positive influence on our mood. It is not just a cliché, but it was also demonstrated by a study published in the journal of positive psychology "and led by Yuna l. Ferguson and Kennon m. Sheldon.

6. take a walk in the Park

From time immemorial the poets sang their wonder at nature and loudly recited the positive effect of this on the evils of the soul.George MacKerrona and Susana Mouratoc, two British researchers have recently studied this correlation between wellness and natural surroundings, and their experiment has shown that there is an actual link. Therefore, spend part of their time in a quiet nature is calming and relaxing for our mood.

5. Train your body

"Mens sana in corpore sano", said Latin Americans, and there is nothing more true. An interesting study has shown that the condition of our brain after 40 minutes of reading, sitting on the couch, is vastly different than his condition after 40 minutes of exercise. After doing sports, in fact, the brain is much more active. In addition, it was demonstrated that the positive results of exercise on the body have a beneficial impact on our mood, making us happier.

4. Laugh

Laughing is good for your health: moving puts roughly 20 our face muscles, relieves tension and decreases anxiety. In addition, a real laugh is so that our body produces endorphins, that fight stress, physical and mental weakness, and enkephalin, which strengthen our immune system.According to the Center of Public Health in Loma Linda, California, in fact, exposure to situations that trigger a laugh leads to increased sensitivity of many parameters neuroimmunologici. This is connected to the fact that negative emotions weaken your immune system (think for example to depression). For this, laugh, always, even without a precise reason! Your health will win no doubt.

3. eat well

It may sound silly, but we are what we eat.Choose the right foods, it is very important, because a healthy physique allows our minds to work better and thus makes it more clear our mood. According to studies, there are many foods that can make us feel happier, because for example our values increase endorphins (substances produced by the brain with analgesic and exciting). Among these miraculous foods we find for example chocolate, substance of humour par excellence, and even strawberries.

2. Have stimulating conversations

According to a study at the University of Arizona conducted by Matthias r. Mehl and Similar Vazire, entertain a challenging and stimulating conversation has a positive impact on our brains (and therefore on our positivity), far better than when it has a slight conversation!

1. Take a vacation

The holiday makes happy already from the moment the book, taking this "enthusiasm happy" throughout the waiting period, then Crown once arrived at destination; to confirm it is a Dutch study published in the Journal Applied Research in Quality of Life. The principle is the same as that of the little Prince's Fox, saying, "If you say, come to see me every afternoon at four o'clock, the three I will begin to be happy.
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