Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries In The History

The mysteries in the history of the world are many and select them is always difficult.

Over the years have occurred of unexplained phenomena and finds have been found in which even today does not give a definition.
Special texts and manuscripts, sculptures, inscriptions, signs, letters of serial killer, monuments and more, to allow ourselves to be carried away by the unsolved mysteries that still seek an explanation.
And what could be more exciting than a nice list of mysteries? We are ready to submit within the story to reveal the great enigmas that still confuse and surprise the world population.
We discover together the ten positions of the ranking of the greatest mysteries of history.


1 – the manuscript of Vojnich

The manuscript is a 240-page book written in an unknown language and enriched by drawings of diagrams, plants and other figures. It was written between 1404 and 1438, but the author remains unknown. He took the name of Polish-American bookseller who bought in 1912.

2 – Kryptos

A mysterious encrypted sculpture by the artist Jim Sanborn, containing four inscriptions. Three have been deciphered, but the fourth remains a mystery. The sculpture sits in front of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. The artist has unveiled some clues about it but no one has yet found the solution to this conundrum.

3 – Beale Chipers

Three ciphertexts that will reveal the location of one of the greatest treasures buried in the United States. The text was discovered in 1818 by Thomas Jefferson Beale, and was deciphered only the second.

Made of fired clay and containing mysterious symbols that may be unknown hieroglyphs could be designed in the second millennium BC. It was discovered in 1908 in Minoan Palace of Phaistos by Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier.

5 – Shugborough inscription

We are talking about the mysterious code on the Shepherd's Monument of the 18th century in Staffordshire in England. The letter sequence DOUOSVAVVM has remained a mystery for 250 years. The identity of the sculptor is unknown but it is assumed that this code can be a clue of Remplari where you will find the Holy Grail.

6 – the case Tamam Shud

The mysterious case of man ever identified found dead in December 1948 on Somerton Beach, Adelaide, South Australia. In a Pocket sewn inside of his pants was found a piece of paper with the word "Tamam Shud", which translates as indefinitely or exhausted, and is part of the collection of poems "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. He was later found a copy of the book with a code scribbled probably by man found dead on the beach.

7 – The "Wow!" signal

The message received in 1977 by Jerry Ehman, a volunteer of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), could arrive from the alien world. It was a strong signal of 72 seconds, longer than he could measure the Ehman array that was using and seemed to come from the constellation of Sagittarius. Ehman wrote the word Wow on a block and never managed to pick up this signal again.

8 – the Zodiac killer letters

Four encrypted messages probably written by Zodiac, the killer who terrorized the San Francisco Bay between 60 and 70 years. Only one out of four message was deciphered and even the Zodiac's identity remains a mystery.

9 – The Georgia Guidestones

A granite monument erected in 1979 to Elbert County and defined the "America's Stonehenge". The piettre are engraved in English, Spanish, swahili, hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian, each transmits 10 new Commandments for an "age of reason", and are arranged according to astronomical features.

10 – Rongorongo script

A system of mysterious indecipherable signs written on some artifacts of Easter Island, which may represent a lost writing system and provide an explanation about the extinction of local civilization.

The ten greatest mysteries of history remain unsolved and continue to concern us greatly and incuriosirci. It would be nice to finally find some answers and some solutions to these puzzles in the world. Meanwhile, we cannot do anything other than allow ourselves to be swept away by the mystery.
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