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Top 10 Best Cars Model 2014

Zak Ben - Monday, March 03, 2014
Top 10 Best Cars Model 2014 List part 2
Porsche 911 GT3

The new 911 GT3 offers so many changes that it will make dream all weekend drivers. No car shows its sporting predispositions more clearly than this GT3 with 475 HP 

Volvo V60

At the moment where the family slowly (but surely?) its letters of nobility in North America, cars like the V60 may well change the way consumers will see these sedans to the large chest. All-wheel drive, the design and the power of this Swedish to convince more than one!

Honda Accord rechargeable

The first hybrid agreement has been a miserable failure. The rechargeable version is mandated to deliver Honda in pole position in the segment of hybrid vehicles. As his behavior will be really worthy of a Honda. 

Subaru XV Crosstrek hybrid

Why to include it in this list? Because besides being more powerful and less polluting than the regular version, the hybrid Crosstrek leave aside the CVT transmission, which spoiled its beautiful qualities. 

BMW 4 series

The arrival of a new compact 2-door BMW is always a good reason to celebrate. Fortiori, a new BMW coupe (and the M3 version) may transform the feast in true bacchanal.

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