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10 Best Ways to lose weight without dieting

Zak Ben - Thursday, April 10, 2014
Enough with all those slimming diets: the best way to lose weight is ... Find out in our ranks today! You'll be in awe, and you'll want to try starting ASAP!

10 Best Ways to lose weight without dieting Fast In Weeks

10. don't skip breakfast

The first thing that people usually do when they want to lose weight is to skip breakfast: they do this thinking that this may help you eat less during the day, and this theory is totally unfounded, because in the end during the day it ends that you eat more than usual. At the beginning of the day, we need energy, therefore nutrient foods, such as fruits and cereals.

9. Eat healthy food

Remove food from your daily diet will not help you lose weight, but only to weaken your body. Therefore, instead of subtracting food, you will need to add more, but only healthy food. Vegetables, fruits and cereals for breakfast, for example. You have to eat the kind of food that your body really needs, rather than ingozzarvi of junk food!

8. sleep more hours than usual

Sleep more hours than usual you may help you lose more than 6 kilograms per year! This means that you can lose weight without any effort, and that would be a great satisfaction. According to one study, if a person has sleep is more hungry for a normal person, because lack of sleep leads to food cravings.

7. drink lots of green tea

There is nothing better than a nice refreshing drink and refreshing, which does not have hundreds and hundreds of calories. According to some studies, green tea helps burn calories, with the help of phytochemicals called catechins.

6. Chewing gum

The chewing gum with strong flavours such as Mint examples, help a lot when you are hungry. Usually, an average person eats without giving any limit while watching television, surfing the internet or play video games. Instead of making this huge mistake, try chewing a gum, and you will feel better!

5. burn more calories than usual

Try to burn 100 calories per day without making any diet, and already after a few weeks you will see the results of your effort. To burn such an amount, you could walk for 20 minutes a day, move heavy flower pots or clean your House for at least half an hour. Alternatively, run for 10 minutes!

4. Eat unsalted

Although salt is of course free of calories, it is an ingredient that contributes to gaining weight, since it affects several factors: for example, a very salty food makes you thirsty, so often you drink more soft drinks, carbonated and often full of sugars.

3. follow the 80/20 rule

Any good diet includes the 80/20 rule, and although we agreed not to follow any diet, if you really want to lose weight, this rule must be followed: it is very simple, every time you eat must be done until it feels filled to 80%, and then not at all. The remaining 20% should always be left blank.

2. Use dishes and small pots

If you want to lose weight, henceforth try to use smaller dishes, and do the same thing with the pots.Of course, if after eating you hungrier, you must resist the temptation to cook something else, be assured by the fact that you ate the same things as always, and this trick can make you lose a few pounds after just a few weeks!

1. Have good reasons for wanting to lose weight

The man you see in the picture is called Drew Manning, and had the courage to make a Madness: said goodbye to his physique bodybuilder to follow a diet of pancakes and burgers, just to see if risarebbe then managed to return as before. All in just 52 weeks: well, he is successful! Because you can't do it?!?