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5 Best Coolest Strangest Elevators In The World

Zak Ben - Wednesday, April 09, 2014
Here is a fun review of 5 elevators really absurd that will die to try them, for their originality: is it really true that nowadays to advertise a product companies inventing everything! Good vision.

The Top 5 Best Coolest Strangest Elevators In The World


Inside this elevator has been a delightful image, right on the floor: an impression of who receives is free fall, and the goal of advertising is to usher people who climb in the unique experience of skydiving.

4. the lobster

The Kagatani Knife has well thought out post out of this lift the image of a beautiful lobster, while inside there is an image of one of their razor sharp knives. Beautiful and original.

3. AFRAID of LOSING your hair?

A product, Folliderm, suitable for those who fear losing their hair, or for those who already lost and suffering from baldness: from the outside, the car shows the man in the picture with a lot of hair, but inside man is visibly bald.

2. Lift the DIVORCE

If you're in the company of your sweetheart, you should never walk ever on this elevator, leaves of your relationship: from the outside, the Photo shows the two newlyweds visibly happy, but when you open the two you will separate inexorably: is advertising an Attorney specializing in divorces.


To do this, simply get to the ground floor: there, the cookies will arrive in Oreo's huge glass of milk. This is a publicity stunt in a shopping mall: the panoramic elevator confirms that these cookies are among the most popular, with a good milk.