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Top 10 Countries With Most Facebook Users in the World 2014

Zak Ben - Wednesday, April 02, 2014
As you all know Facebook, the Social Network created by Mark Zuckerberg came to full rights to be part of the daily life of each individual. Hundreds of millions subscribers in this social network and does not mention growth to a halt. But have you ever wondered what is the State that, over all, is represented on Facebook? ... and in second position? ... and third ... and tithe? This top ten can respond to these questions who are the top 10 countries using facebook 2014.

1. United States
User: 163071460
The United States dominate this ranking and dominate since Facebook's first appearance on the Internet being the homeland of Mark Zuckerberg, its founder.

2. Brazil
User: 70143400

In second place we find enormously vast State in which, among other things, Facebook recently became the most popular social Network. This does not prevent him from reaching the second position with 70143400 users

3. India
User: 62963400

Closes the podium the India that, thanks to the number of inhabitants is able to achieve a goal that would otherwise be inseperato. In India there are, in fact, ben 62963400 registered

4. Indonesia
User: 47165080

Under the podium, with 47165080 registered some surprise, we find Indonesia, able to outshine many other States that, at least in the picture, seem to be more technologically advanced and therefore more open to using Facebook.
Might be the exception that proves the rule but we will see that this is not the case!

5. Mexico
Users: 39945620

Passing to the Mexico Central America which, with 39945620 subscribers, closes the top five States that use more facebook.
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6. Turkey
User: 32438200

Opens the lower part of the topten the Turkey with over 30 million members.

7. United Kingdom
User: 32175460

Only in seventh position, slipped to 3 posts within a year, the United Kingdom, the State that is almost always the first colony of American technologies in Europe. And Facebook in this case is no exception.
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8. Filipino
User: 30094560

We are going to get to the end of the top ten and back into insular asia. In eighth place is the Philippines, which are more than 30 million subscribers to Facebook.

9. France
User: 25307820

Back in Europe, we find the France that with 25307820 subscribers earns ninth position of the topten.
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10. Germany
User: 25050580

Closes the top ten the Germany which, with slightly more than 25 million subscribers can enter topten spilling our Italy who loses a position, making it at the time, the eleventh state that uses facebook more