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5 Best Sites to Download Subtitles

Zak Ben - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Usually we try to subtitle the movie, or television broadcasts not yet broadcast in Italy but where to get these subtitles? What are the best sites where you can find subtitles for movies and stuff?

Top 5 Best Sites to Download Subtitles you need for movies, anime and TV series.

5 Best Site to Download Subtitles 
MySubtitle is a site in which to search for subtitles language or alphabetical order. Those in Italian but not so many can be downloaded without registration. 

4 Best Site to Download Subtitles
DivxSubtitle is dedicated to subtitles and another in divx format. On the home page offers a search engine that allows you to filter the material for language, subtitle size, date of update, for framerate and more. 

3 Best Site to Download Subtitles
SubScene is a site where you can download as well as subtitles in some cases we can also see the treiler of the movie or otherwise. If we select all linguage we can see all the languages ​​in which we can download the subtitles for the movies. 

2 Best Site to Download Subtitles

MovieSubtitles is very similar to that except TVsubtitle you can select the language for subtitiles movies but despite this there are several languages of course english too.  

1 Best Site to Download Subtitles
opensubtitles is great for subtitles to movies and TV series over souls downloaded without registration. On the main page we can find the last inserted immediately of recent movies.