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Top 10 Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast women and Men

Zak Ben - Sunday, December 15, 2013
If you're like most women in May and the diet is important for you , and you're always careful to not go out of your healthy eating plan that can very often lead to eating too little, especially if the results in terms of weight loss and weight are satisfactory.

Just because there are many ways to lose weight, but too often they are forced to eat too little, you surely will be very useful advice that now I show below, in order to increase the portions without the fear of gaining weight.

They are constantly looking for new effective methods for lose a few extra pounds, and since good tips to incorporate into everyday life to get better and better results are never too many, let's see how to handle the weight without too many sacrifices:

#1 Take a photo

right, you have to take your own pictures really bad, that you do not like it at all, which depicts an image of yourself that you do not agree , how do not want to be .

Or take a picture now in this very moment, depicting yourself naturally. I mean, to be truly realistic one click, no nice clothes, no makeup, no nothing just you, a sports bra and a pair of underpants .

You'll see how you'll be less tempted by ice cream and cake when you see that picture!

#2 You must have a support

must have a support if you want to stay motivated with a long-term success.
Staying motivated to lose weight you need to share your weight loss goals with some people in your life, which can take into account advances you get step by step and you can encourage and motivate periodically .
Why? Because it will be really embarrassing when you have to say to all these people who have given up! So, you will have less chances of quitting if you know you have an audience that knows you're working hard to lose weight!

About to have an audience that follows you on your path to weight loss, read The Weight Watchers diet is a diet specifically created to share with other people who have the same your desire to lose weight, your weight loss success.

#3 Read the labels

When you go to the grocery store, do you happen definitely reading the labels of what buy right? So why not do it!
Do not assume that a product advertised for it is really light. Read carefully fat and calories shown on the back of the product and get to know what they eat.

#4 Setting realistic goals 

Don't think you're going to lose 20 pounds in 2 months and you will have to stay on a diet forever ...
If you want to keep your goal you don't have to define goals too high and stressful, you don't have to fill your head with so much paranoia because they will help you for sure, but it will be aimed toward a detrimental sense of frustration and failure.
Sets a plan to lose 1 pound a weekwhich is more realistic and feasible, in order not to lose only liquids or muscles but so fat and excess flab! Top 5 Exercises to lose weight!

#5 Sleep a while'

You must be at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night, if you want to lose weight.
Good sleep reduces levels of cortisolby helping the body to burn fat in your belly so hated. 5 tips to lose belly fat before summer.

#6 Snack wisely

A good rule of thumb is eat snacks that are 100-200 calories each, so you eat smaller portions during the main meals.
Unfortunately, when you think about the snacks are often associated with foods with a high content of sugar, salt and fat but this is wrong because if you want to lose weight then you seriously thanks to snacks that you can do it, so you eat less for lunch and dinner and by increasing your metabolism, which will always be active and ready to burn calories: Have fun with snacks.

#7 fibers in Abundance

If you want to keep your body moving but never hungry, you have to add your fiber diet.
This means eating lots of whole grains, fresh fruits and raw vegetables. You fill up faster and are better to digest food that make you feel less bloated and tired. The fibers are the best friends for the diet! Low-calorie diet of fiber to lose weight fast.

#8 Drink enough water

If you're not properly hydrated, it means that you're not going to lose weight.
Your body cannot function without water and your weight loss will be slowed if your body is dry. So, bring a water bottle with you to SIP throughout the day.

#9 Keep a food diary 

It is proven that people who write what they eat are more aware and feed more healthy.
Maybe it's because it makes you more liable for yourself? Maybe you feel guilty writing "two Donuts or 1 slice of chocolate cake" where you can write "an Apple or a cereal bar" healthy snacks.

#10 Controls the portion

So to lose weight, we have to start thinking about the actual size of the portions that are eating.
We don't need a huge plate of pasta or a giant ice cream, you'll see that you'll just have to satisfy the craving with 80-100 grams of pasta or a small bowl of ice cream, maybe 2 fruit flavors and creamy! No need to go overboard with the portions and then feel guilty afterwards. Buy smaller Plates to lose 5 Pounds