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Top 10 Most Expensive Video Game Ever Made

Zak Ben - Thursday, March 27, 2014
Tuesday, September 17 was a very important day for all fans of videogames . On that date is released GTA V , a game is highly anticipated by fans of the saga is by those who were anxious to see what great mischief would have baked the Rockstar Games !
Expectations maintained in full and could not be otherwise because it is a videogame for which you are spending big bucks, amazing ... record!
Here we are faced with a top 10 list that, like many others in the past, will be able to leave you stunned with incredibly large numbers, as it will discuss the 10 most expensive games in history !

The Top 10 Most Expensive Video Game Ever Made 

1st position

Grand Theft Auto V
Cost:  $ 265 million

We announced in the preface, and we find him immediately, in the first place. To achieve it have been spent over 250 million dollars. 
Only  Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End  has required higher production costs, as we have seen in the top 10 dedicated to the ten most expensive films in history !

2nd place

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Cost:  $ 200 million

The second most expensive game of all time, with 200 million round round, the last chapter dedicated to gaming Sar Wars, dated 2011!

3rd position

Disney Infinity
Cost:  $ 100 million

Four games will share the third step of the podium. One of these is the fourth installment of the GTA saga, accompanied by another Rockstar game: Read Dead Redemption .
Along with their 2 video game just came out: Disney Infinity and the new Tomb Raider!

4th position

Gran Turismo 5
Cost:  $ 80 million

Fourth, with 80 million, the latest chapter in one of the most beloved games autmobilistici ever!

5th position

Cost:  $ 70 million

In fifth place are the most expensive game of the old millennium ! Released in 1999 for the Dreamcast, Shenmue remains, despite almost 15 years of life, in this top 10!

6th position

Metal Gear Solid 4
Cost:  $ 60 million

A new ex-aequo he is involved in another giant in the world of videogames: Metar Gear Solid, accompanied by Too Human, Xbox 360 game of 2008.

7th position

Halo 3
Cost:  $ 55 million

Another exclusive for the Xbox 360, released in 2007!

8th position

Cost:  $ 50 million
Rockstar again, this time from the police! LA Noire is the fourth (and last) title of the house to get into the top 10 Starry! Surely they spare no expense!

9th position

Final Fantasy XII
Cost:  $ 48 million
Yet another historic title to get into the top 10! The twelfth chapter in Final Fantasy takes the penultimate position, with just under 50 million dollars!

10th position

Final Fantasy VII
Cost:  $ 45 million

We close with the third and final ex-aequo. Starring this time, two games out to 12 years away from each othe