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Zak Ben - Wednesday, March 26, 2014


According to some conspiracy theorists, it is said that Jay-Z is a devil worshiper, a member of the Freemasons and the Illuminati. 
In many interviews, he denied being a member, but researchers have discovered that the lyrics of his songs contain coded messages that speak of the devil, and some messages in his songs in praise to Satanism if you listen to the contrary. In his concerts, often makes signs and gestures to the Illuminati. He also created a T-shirt with the symbol of the Illuminati which you can see in the picture below.

In addition, some scholars believe that he does not wish to accept to be part of the Illuminati, but his partner Beyonce, when he became popular, involved him and forced him to agree to join the company. 
Conspiracy theorists believe that the name of their son " Blue Ivy "have a connection to the Illuminati. If you say the name on the contrary becomes "Eulb Yvi," which, in Latin, means the son of Lucifer. 
Which is, I do not know! This theory can be true or false, you decide .. as a fan or non-fan!


Eminem wearing a symbol of the Illuminati 
Another famous rapper who seems to be part of the Illuminati. 
His song "Not Afraid" is said to directly relate to the Illuminati, and it may seem that now is struggling against this secret society, but the conspiracy theorists reject this concept; Also on his album "Recovery", you can see that on the cover there is a triangle behind him, and other items, including the text, showing that it is still connected to them. 
Eminem has had several problems in his life: family problems, almost died because of drugs, and more. 
has always wished to establish through his songs, according to some details of his biography and in the end he succeeded.

Even many of his fans are saying that he, in disguise, is fighting against the Illuminati, Eminem must still be done because it is among the most famous rapper in the history of Hip-Hop ( / Hip_hop_music!) 
This reminds us of the story of Tupac, where he fought a lot to get out of that prison. It is thought that Eminem has gone through the same situation, only time will tell ...


Madonna poses satanic 
For many people, there is no doubt that it is controlled by the Illuminati. 
controversial Madonna is a pop singer, has been subject to much controversy in his concerts. Some of his concerts really praise to the devil, as it often uses religion in his face. In many covers of his albums, the way you dress is really mysterious effect. Many are convinced that it is a puppet of the Illuminati used to make brainwash the people with his songs.

Madonna in the pose of Baphomet 

Madonna is one of the rare women singers gone further with the provocations! It 's really amazing and courageous in his representations. He always stood up for freedom and condemned the religious interventions that apparently are good. 
However, the way in which it acts is very aggressive and often hurts many people, especially those who are religious! 
Despite everything, Madonna remains one of the best female singers of all times in the world of pop.


Rihanna makes a gesture satanic 
Another part of the Illuminati. Rihanna! 
Even in this case, based on his gestures, the conspiracy believe they face part as the other singers. Rihanna's case is different than the other singers who are supposed to be part of the Illuminati. Many conspiracy theorists seem to hate it more because they believe has entered the music industry does not really sing, but to become a part of the Illuminati, thus ensuring the future through wealth, fame, and much more ... 
All this seems ridiculous , but based on some of the websites I have done my research, and I came across this theory. There is also a picture of her at a concert where you can see a tattoo on his arm that shows the founder of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt (

The gesture of Rihanna showing the "eye" of the Illuminati 
However, of course, the photo may be a fake, altered using a graphics software! Rihanna has had many problems in life, the best known was the relationship with Crhis Brown. Along the same line of thought, it is believed that Chris Brown has often clashed with her ​​on the problems connected to the Illuminati. 
Rihanna has just starred in "Battleship," a science fiction film that talks about an alien attack on earth. It 'a good movie, I recommend watching it. He seems to have diversified his artistic life, after singing, acting ... Maybe in the future we will see the dress in other artistic ..

Kanye West

Kanye West who plays the devil 
The same Jay-z. Kanye West is said to be part of a Masonic society, his songs contain coded messages and secrets that glorify Satanism. 
He and Jay-Z are two of the greatest male singers who have criticized the conspiracy theorists. It is said that Kanye West before he was a good guy, but when he met Jay-Z, everything has changed. 
His desire to become a popular singer grew, so he agreed to be part of the Illuminati and was successful. The complottasti say that it is very interested in the rituals of ancient Egypt and that there has also participated, but there is no concrete evidence to support this theory.

Caption: Kanye West wearing a ring with the symbol of the Illuminati 
There are pictures in which he is close to the objects of ancient Egypt but this does not mean that it is haunted by this civilization. The reason why the conspiracy theorists think it is haunted by these objects is because the Illuminati have a link with the ancient Egyptian gods. 
Kanye West, often wearing a ring with triangular shape, which shows that he is a servant of the Illuminati. This singer has really changed, the covers of his albums and posters reveal everything.

Britney Spears

Twitter account hacked

The only singer of which one can say that he is really struggling against the Illuminati is Britney Spears! 
Before it was a nice person, I remember to have heard his first song in 1999 I think! But, we all know what happened next, as his life is a living hell with emotional problems, sex and much more. 
Why has shaved her head for no reason, he heard voices and thought to be possessed? Maybe he had mental problems or not, it is said that the devil is playing with her. His behavior was caused by the wicked and mental health problems even though it was stressed!

Message to Britney Spears on Twitter 
Britney Spears has had a cover image on his Twitter profile that covered the symbol of the Illuminati, and she wanted a New World Order (NWO) as quickly as possible. Look at both images! 
Fortunately, the good news is that his Twitter account was hacked! Even in this case, the conspiracy theorists do not believe it. I'm not on Twitter, maybe you are on this social network and you have Britney Spears in friendships, so you can really know if your account has been hacked or not!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga while making the gesture symbol of the Illuminati 
Here you are Lady Gaga, the girl with the poker face, the new Madonna of this century and the only one in which, according to the conspiracy theorists, it is sure to be a member of Illluminati. 
In ' interview about her, perhaps through the Rolling Stones if I'm not mistaken, he revealed that he had a dream in which he saw a satanic girl suffering tied with a rope in a room, and the devil told her (the girl) that if he wanted would end the tribulations of her family, she (Lady Gaga) would have to cut his wrists. 
Lady Gaga in a meat dress

Lady Gaga found it strange. As you can see, he wanted to fight against the devil, but does it? No! You are a second Madonna in the pop world, controversial, wore a dress of meat, using gestures and signs satanic. in his concerts and albums ... and you know very well, stimulates the sex! 
Seriously, what's wrong with her? Meat dress? He's making fun of the world? And you say it was for fashion? The conspiracy theorists have gone so far as to say that is the most affected by the Illuminati of all the singers in the last decade. 
Lady Gaga seems to have really done brainwashed the people, we all know that her fans adore her like a goddess! Lady Gaga is really an Illuminati? You can decide!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber while making the gesture symbol of the Illuminati 
This list of 10 singers who are supposed to be part of the Illuminati will not be complete without adding the famous singer of this decade, Justin Bieber! 
This has not yet been confirmed, but there are rumors on the web that the true Justin Bieber has died in an accident, and that the Illuminati have him replaced with another! Curiously enough, but who knows, the truth or falsity Justin is part of the Illuminati. 
It 'a very famous singer, most of the girls are in love with him, because this has been criticized everywhere on the internet more by the wicked. 
Justin Bieber makes a Satanic sign

Many times, Justin Bieber revealed to believe in God and not be part of the Illuminati, but we know that Jay-z says the same thing and this has not changed anything. 
Him, to date, is the most popular singer, but it is also the only one for which there is insufficient evidence to confirm whether or not part of the Illuminati. Maybe the conspiracy theorists have difficulty in finding evidence why Justin Bieber is not a character discussed. 
Who knows, in the future can be! In the meantime, it is still an adult with children's behavior and its influence still brainwashing kids ... We can infer from this, that the Illuminati they have hired to do the brainwashing to very young kids? Well, who knows!, It can be! We can clearly see how the young men are obsessed with him ...

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is another famous rappers and RnB singer ( Like the others, the conspiracy theorists believe is part of the Illuminati. 
Rumors say that Snoop Dogg wanted to become a Muslim, perhaps to escape from the Illuminati, however, this lie was exposed. It was not Islam but actually "Nation of Islam", a sect founded by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad in 1930, of which one of the members was Malcolm X! 
One thing is certain, a source revealed that Snoop Dogg has sold his soul to the devil to become famous, that I can find on the Internet! 

Katy Perry

She stated in an interview that he had sold his soul to the devil for money and popularity. It is also rumored that Katy Perry has said to be a worshiper of the devil and to be part of the Illuminati. You can watch the video on YouTube! 

Here is the list of 10 famous singers who are part of the conspiracy theorists believe the Illuminati! This list is not complete, there are many other famous singers who belong to it. From here on in the article to the complaint becomes "disassembly", urging readers to believe that everything is invented or is too vague to be trusted.) 

Well, many singers have informed us about the organizations and secret societies and so on ... Tupac for example, we were warned, and I wrote a post about him in which I argue that not is dead. His latest album "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory" is much talk of the Illuminati through coded messages and plans to resurrect like Jesus and photographers Many people have seen him in Cuba and New Zealand. There was also Michael Jackon who spoke of secret societies in a public intervention, his family said that he used to say he would be killed and, probably, has left us. 

Finally, Whitney Houston, the conspiracy theorists and researchers argue that she was murdered by the Illuminati, in fact it was a sacrifice! contradictory We come now to the side, we can say that these singers really are part of this secret society? NO! The Illuminati was a secret society that no longer exists, according to historians. The existence of the Illuminati comes from the conspiracy and conspiracies are always prejudices and most of the time, nonsense! These statements, which states that these singers are members, are the Illuminati, are just beliefs. There is no evidence to say that they are part of secret societies. 

Showing Illuminati symbols in their concerts, album covers, or singing their songs on the contrary, does not prove anything! They are simply statements are not evidence! Having a satanic attitude or sing the praises of sex has nothing to do with the Illuminati, they are just entertainment, that's all! Do not forget, these singers can act like bastards, but they have also helped many in this world ... They have donated millions of dollars to charity, and we must recognize this! They may have done wrong in their private lives, but this is their private life, not our problem! They have a life, let them do what they want What do you think readers? The music industry has been invaded by the Illuminati?