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10 most unfortunate characters of TV series

Zak Ben - Sunday, April 27, 2014
Call it bad luck, termination, bad luck, misfortune: whatever it is, it leaves no survivors in its wake. well aware of some of the characters of the TV series, which seem to be persecuted on several occasions. That of Jesse Pinkman , for one, can be considered a true parable of galactic bad luck, so much so that it is doubtful that the final cathartic sees only survivor (at least, if the series had continued, and it is said that it is over, the car in which Jesse is running away would have caught fire). 

But Pinkman is not alone in having to wash away the evil eye; the rest never happen if you do nothing there would be no story to tell . 's why we offer a list of 10 characters , the children of the TV series, which have little or no luck. Be a coincidence that most of these people is female? Good discovery and cross your fingers.

The Top 10 most unfortunate characters of TV series

10. the stars of Desperate Housewives 

Suicides, cancer, murder, divorce, betrayal: in eight seasons, the desperate housewives are really happened of cooked and raw. But leave a bit before Wisteria Lane, no? And in the end they really escape the dark spiral that has overwhelmed all for years?

9. Johnathan "John" Locke, a character in Lost 

Abandoned by her mother, ohn is, from the outset, rejected by the world: little sister dies at the age of six years; is rejected by the woman he loves; remains paralyzed from the waist down and stuck on a mysterious island after a plane crash (but you saved: if it's not luck this!?); It was abandoned in a mass grave because it believed dead and is saved from suicide only to be killed in cold blood.

8. Tara Thornton, a character in True Blood 

Grew up with an alcoholic mother and fundamentalist, which has always made life difficult, Tara is subjugated by a dangerous menade. Once you've found the dead loved one falls into depression and attempted suicide. Held hostage by a vampire, it is first hit to death by a firearm and then was herself transformed into a vampire and captured by authorities. And the series is not over yet.

7. Kelly Taylor in Beverly Hills, 90210 

The character Kelly Taylor is one of those who cheat. His career within the series seems to start with the best auspices: Prom Queen, the prettiest girl in school, a rhinoplasty nose and blonde hair. But behind the typical air oxygenated, Barbie Taylor hides food problems and complicated family relationships. Raised by an alcoholic father and a mother addict, throughout the entire series is hospitalized for an overdose of diet pills; sucked into the vortex of a sect, suffers from addiction to cocaine; is the victim of a miscarriage; is accidentally wounded in a gunfight; loses his memory; is brutally raped; faces a murder for having shot her rapist, is the victim of a fire which disfigures his arm. 

6. Jack Bauer, protagonist of the 24 series 

His wife died in his arms; He developed a heroin addiction while undercover; He was fired because of his addiction, captured and held prisoner in China; He discovered his father working with terrorists; his first girlfriend is Catatonic become without his could do anything; his second girlfriend died of a gunshot wound; was forced to torture, maim and kill a lot of people. 

5. Meredith Grey, star of Grey's Anatomy 

Raised by a cold mother and workaholic who developed early Alzheimer 's; Meredith was rejected by his father that built a new family; She found out that her boyfriend was married; was indicted for the accidental death of his stepmother; risked dying following the fall from a pier; has a miscarriage while the husband is operated in dying for a blast of gunfire; remains injured in an airplane crash in which life loses his sister; you stumble and fall during his third month of pregnancy and nearly died bled due to complications caused by the unexpected fall. Don't ever get bored at Seattle Grace Hospital. 

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