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10 most unfortunate characters of TV series

Zak Ben - Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Top 10 most unfortunate characters of TV series

5. Sansa Stark, the protagonist of Game of Thrones 

This opens five-residue with all good faith, given that she was forced to watch as her father killed her beloved Wolf and shortly after the beheading of his father; brutally beaten by guards of the wicked King Joffrey was then brought to believe that his brothers were dead; was attacked and nearly raped by a gang during a riot; forced to marry against her will is soon to discover that her mother and brother were brutally slaughtered. Will really over for the poor Sansa?

4. Brian Griffin, the anthropomorphic family dog Griffin 

His remarkable intelligence, combined with his ability to speak, it's not enough to save him from adversity that since puppy seem to affliggerlo. Brian was born in Texas, from cocoa, the father who died run over by a truck, and Biscottina, his mother. Estranged from her mother in tender age, he reunites with her when with Stewie will be going to see her, despite discover died long ago. After failing to graduate, Brian is forced to live as a homeless, until you found on the street by Peter Griffin. Brutally murdered by a gunshot; quartered on the asphalt after getting thrown from a balcony; pounded in blood from Stewie Griffin: Brian is always reappeared in subsequent episodes of the series. But the recent death in episode aired in Italy Sunday, November 24, in which the most irreverent TV dog is hit by a car in the race, appears to be definitive. May Tear. 

3. Deb Morgan, star of Dexter 

Other women at the mercy of sadki, or obsession with fetishist for the serial murderer. Debra is presented to us as a Vice Squad undercover officer, and is the sister (and this is a big misfortune) of Dexter Morgan. At the age of 16 years old her mother died of cancer, and after a few years the father commits suicide. In the first season fell in love without their knowledge of truck Killer fridge, pretending to want to marry the League and drugs to lure Dexter. After a momentary truce, in the sixth season Debra realizes to be in love with her half-brother, but at the same time as it realizes also discovers that he is a serial-killer. In the seventh season is in danger of dying in a car accident, after having been poisoned, but it is only in the last season that comes the coup de grace with a gunshot wound, followed by stroke. After unplugging, Dexter throws the lifeless body into the sea. Luckily you die once (or so it seems). 

2. Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick, one of the main characters of South Park 

To disprove the axiom saving as death from all evil is the poor Kenny. It appears almost always wearing an orange vest with a hood that hides the face and makes his lines unintelligible. Raised by alcoholic and unemployed parents, Kenny is constantly teased for his poverty. Add to this the fact that is killed brutally in almost all episodes of the first five seasons of the series, reappearing in the next episode as if nothing happened. Death often occurs for beheading, gunshot wounds, imprisonment in microwave, chicken pox, spontaneous combustion, drowning, falling piano, lava, fever, muscular dystrophy, erotic asphyxiation, boredom. 

1. Jesse Pinkman (Bruce), co-star of Breaking Bad 

Since his character appeared in 2008, to date, Pinkman was the victim of a series of evil eye, to lose even more lucid hindsight optimists. Was driven out of the House by his parents because of his drug addiction; kidnapped and nearly killed by a drug dealer completely neutral; He discovered the body of his girlfriend died of drug overdose; was beaten in blood by a policeman; forced to kill an innocent man; seized by a gang of ex-prisoners and murders has seen his girlfriend to die for attempting to escape.In short, nothing more than Voodoo: here we are in the presence of real black magic.

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