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Top 10 things that will ruin the only morning when you sleep

Zak Ben - Thursday, April 03, 2014
The ten things that will ruin the only morning when you sleep

A man does not wake up, not even to tell him that he became pope!

10 Jehovah's witnesses

Begin with diplomacy, then watch the hour (8.15) and begins to curse all of you heard. 

Sooner or later their coinvolgerai.

9 gardeners

First shot of rope, nothing. And you sleep.
Second shot, nothing. And continue to sleep.
Third shot, the chainsaw. And start the end.
The end is the beginning of a Symphony of chain saws, trimmers, brushcutters , which even in the horror movie fan and you wake up with the desire to spread napalm.

8 The dog/cat that jumps on you

How I love my animals.
Yes, but no earlier than 11.

7 Telephoning relatives to 7.30

The phone rings. 
"It is not for me" think. 

Right: who do you search has Whatsupp, Fb, Sms and any other medieval not to contact you. "Hi, I'm the ZiaSalstocaz" [more long-winded reconstruction of tree, to let you know that callers is the great aunt of fifth degree of thy father].

6 You hear the alarm

For once you can sleep, you can Dodge racing: case-non-I-heard-the-wake up, what's up? The feel, loud and clear.
Will the subconscious that walks you, the guilt.
Will that is bad luck.

5 The compilation neighbors

Will become the soundtrack to your day. 

4 Builders

Drama in the drama is that usually when they begin work in Captain partment with your ... 
And last for days and days. 
Weeks. Months. 

3 BIRDS even shawls a DISNEY movie

One of the many deceptions by Disney is that image of absolute peace and Idyll that many cute singing birds brings upon awakening. 
I am different; to me, when at 6 a.m. a brood of nestlings lurking on Garden tree sticks to singing, the only thing that comes to mind is a pistol ... 

PS. I have a good aim.


The landline is always a threat. 
Relatives are not enough, there are also the call centers that want to sell you telephone subscriptions, olive oil to tons, new contracts for electricity, surveys and various eventualities.

"I'm already your customer, I produce oil from ten generations, we just changed the contract for electricity, I was coming out and still NO."


Morning rule where you can sleep.
Universal law of gravity-type.
It might also have a formula that relates the vacuum noise, duration of operation, close the vacuum the bed and after-effects from hangover.
Outside any computation, but also inevitable, is the sbottata on the mess in the room while you're there, with drool-filled cushion glued to his face, helpless and incapable of any reaction other than a rattle.