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Top Video April Fool the terrible joke of cat feces

Zak Ben - Thursday, April 03, 2014

Finally we arrived in April, and as expected it was time for jokes yesterday on YouTube, just like every year, many new videos have been uploaded jokes, one funnier than the other! Today, among the many that we got to see, we decided to offer this, the terrible joke of a boy to his girlfriend! As you can see, he organized everything took a brush like the ones to collect animal feces, litter and poop pretend ... Want to know how did it go?!? Beware the hilarious video! The guy brought the cat to the bathroom, he placed everything as planned, and when your better half is coming up ... made him suffer the torments of hell, in the true sense of the word! She was about to cry, did not imagine that it was just a joke "harmless" ... it is true that men sometimes, they can be really bad!