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5 curiosity about the Passover you need to know

Zak Ben - Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Today is Easter and we offer some interesting and funny facts about this holiday! Are you ready?!?

Top 5 curiosity about the Passover you need to know

5. Bells mute

Did you know that the church bells from Friday until Sunday before Easter are dumb? It is a tradition of respect for the pain associated with the death of Jesus, a practice that has become widespread in France, and in those days it is said that the bells the children "fly to Rome." 

4. Name and annually

The term Easter has Jewish origins: it says "Pesach" in Hebrew and means passage; indicates the liberation of the Jews from slavery in Egypt, and falls on the day of the first full moon after the spring equinox. However, for Christians, this day is Sunday, because obviously we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, which was once celebrated every Sunday of the year.

3. Easter Monday

Where does the term Easter Monday? As you know, this is the Monday following Easter Sunday, and said he was "Monday": the risen Jesus appeared for the first time to the two disciples who were heading towards the village of Emmaus, near Jerusalem. Christians usually celebrate this day with a walk out the door!

2. Dove

The dove at Easter is just like the cake at Christmas: it is a typical dessert that originates from a legend: the Lombard king Alboin, who lived in the sixth century, he ordered the city of Pavia, who did not want to surrender his army , to give him all the young virgins of the city, abusing it carnally. All of them were aware of the interest of the king for the doves, so they are presented to him with a sweet gift in the form of a dove!

1. Beware of witches

We conclude in style with this nice curiosity in Scandinavian countries, the predominant religion is Lutheran, so the Easter takes on a clearly minor is considered a vacation day, but the Finnish folklore has it that witches are flying in the sky between Good Friday and on Easter Sunday, therefore, in different parts of Finland will light a bonfire on Saturday night, in memory of the ancient tradition according to which the witches cast out from their homes!