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20 Best #Pelfies Animal selfies Instagram

Zak Ben - Monday, June 16, 2014
For the more careful will not have escaped a hashtag that is spreading like selfies on Instagram: #pelfie. What's this? Simple, it is a fact selfie by pets, namely a "pet-selfie". Dogs, cats, horses, hamsters take turns in poses very similar to those of the owners, and between a grimace and a look nice sleepy are literally invading the web. To dignify this hashtag but there is a charitable purpose: the site Buyagift has launched a competition to the tune of #pelfie in favor of Angels Animal Rescue and Wood Green, the Animals Charity , two charities that help their animals. You just have to challenge your smartphone and take the most beautiful pelfie.

20 Best #Pelfies Animal selfies Instagram Pictures