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25 Creepy Photos Pictures Of The Past

Zak Ben - Wednesday, June 18, 2014
All you have today in the field of science and medicine seems normal, but the past has been a testing ground for all kinds of invention and experiment. The following photos show some of the objects that we use today seem really terrifying!

Top 25 Creepy Photos Pictures Of The Past 

1. The torture chair 800 that cause death by exsanguination

2. Deposit poisons of 700

3. Supports photos of deceased

4. Instrument to drain blood

5. Chastity belt male '600

6. Mummy mask for Carnival '900

7. Sidecar with bara

8. In 1938 in England you could send animal via postal

9. A proclamation of sale of 800 slaves

10. A prosthesis for the hallux found in the tomb of Tabeketenmut in Egypt

11. Kits for hunting vampire BEGINNING 900

12. Saws surgeon

13.Protesi 800

14. Kits morphine Victorian 

15. The crypt of St. Mary Magdalene Maximinin the Saint Baume in France

16. Pecker box of 900

17. Heads and bodies kept at the Mutter Museum

18. Anatomical models of 700

19. The Old posters warning

20. Manifesto di un freak show

21. Gynecological Model of Dr. Louis Auzoux 1880

22. Costume Halloween vintage

23. A grid of protection of the tomb, in order not to escape the dead if it were a vampire