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5 bites memorable in the history of world sport

Zak Ben - Tuesday, July 01, 2014
After what happened yesterday Giorgio Chiellini, the defender of the Italian national team, in the middle of the match against Uruguay Fifa World Cup 2014, here is an interesting bites rankings on the most memorable in the history of sports!

5. Boxing - Mike Tyson bite Evander Holyfield

Let's start with one of the most famous bits of all time: that of Mike Tyson against Evander Holyfield's ear, two heavyweights who competed on June 28, 1997 in the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. Up for grabs, was awarded the WBA heavyweight title, and winning was just Holyfield, Tyson was disqualified due to the third round. 

4. Rugby - the bite of an ear of Johan Le Roux to the captain of the All Blacks

Even in rugby similar phenomena have already seen before! In fact, back in 1994 the great Johan Le Roux has fallen into the same temptation, in the middle of a rugby match with his national team at 15, that of South Africa, or with the Springboks against the All Blacks: in that ' occasion, Le Roux in his ear bitten captain of the opponent, and he was disqualified for 20 months!

3. Hockey - bite the hand of Jarko Ruutu to Andrew Peters

Even in hockey bites were not long in coming: in 2009, during the game between Ottawa and Buffalo, Jarko Ruutu, who plays with the first, was bitten on his right hand Andrew Peters, and for this he was punished with two days of disqualification!

2. Kick - bite Francisco Gallardo to teammate Reyes to celebrate the goal

Unbelievable, but true: this is one of the most controversial cases in which Francisco Gallardo, a former player of Sevilla, to exult with her partner who had goals, Reyes, foolishly decided to bite the genitals ...! He was accused by the disciplinary committee of the Spanish Federation of football of infringement to the "sporting dignity."

1. Football - Luis Suarez bite Giorgio Chiellini in the 2014 World Cup

And finally, of course, the icing on the cake: how many of you expected, there is no two without three, and the third bite during the football career of Luis Suarez arrived just yesterday, in the middle of the game against our national team, when the Uruguayan striker has suddenly decided to bite the defender Giorgio Chielllini in the shoulder! For now, we are talking about 4-game suspension, to be served only with the national team, but FIFA has already opened a disciplinary process for the case.