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25 Most Absurd And Funny Road Signs Around The World

Zak Ben - Monday, June 16, 2014
Sometimes, on the road, traffic signals happen to run into really strange and absurd prohibitions least. About some joker, frequently, but not all, because some prohibitions or traffic signals are designed originally just so strange. Therefore, we thought we'd collect more absurd and funny road signs captured by clicks on the web and see them to you, hoping to snatch a few laughs in these difficult times of fees, taxes, floods and indignation. Because sometimes laughter is the best medicine to swallow some bitter. So we went in search of the most strange and funny road signs and we have found some good: men crucified by those stuck with a ball at his feet while doing work (forced) to be absurd prohibitions perform their physiological needs with those who recommend attention to the presence of women on the street who practice the oldest profession in the world. In short, there is nothing to laugh in front of these traffic signals, which break up the monotony of the standard and tone down some of the prohibitions that are often already in itself quite absurd. Call to talk, we are going to discover the most absurd and funny road signs. Enjoy the show!

Most Absurd And Funny Road Signs From Around The World Pictures