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Best Gaming Mouse Between 75€ and 100€ 2014

Zak Ben - Friday, February 21, 2014
The speed of a click can save your life (in the game), we discover together the best mouse gaming for every need and budget.

Continue the categories of TopBestBox regard to suggestions for your configurations, together we seek the best mouse for your hands, you must ensure the best comfort in dealing with the long gaming sessions in front of the PC.

Subdivide the choices by price, we will propose several pieces from different manufacturers and we will highlight the pros and cons for each device.

We specify that the division into groups is a monetary Ecluse, remember that it is always said that spending the maximum amount we could get better results , there are those who may have difficulty using a mouse with more than 6 keys and who feels limited with 10 or who sees no need for a mouse soffisticato give the best of themselves.

After a trip to my home gaming (Japan) inside a famous electronics chain was present area dedicated to gaming peripherals for the PC. Logitech (Logicool in Rising Sun) and Razer were the most popular and still remain stable for the time being at the top of our rankings. Further felling negative I have left the RAT which although highly customizable I personally gave that feeling that you can expect from the parent device for gaming.

Best Gaming Mouse Between 75€ and 100€ 2014 

Price: 89,99€ ? hot deal on to 84,74€ (5,25€ Savings)
More from eBay: Roccat Kone Max Customization g. XTD. at $ 76.99

Worthy successor to the previous category mice.

8200 DPI, 8 programmable buttons, Easy-Shift, macro presets

Suitable for medium/large hands, TalkFX software is compatible only with few games

R.A.T 7.
Price: 83,19€ ? hot deal on to 82,75€ (,44€ Savings)
More from eBay: Mad Catz R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse-method 64 ... to 33.5 €

R.A.T. 7
Each version of the R.A.T. adds improvements, but remain the usual doubts.

Fully adjustable and removable with spare, 5600 DPI

Very high sensitivity of the sensor which has often problems (defects in the entire series R.A.T)

Logitech G700s
Price: 100,82€ ? hot deal on to 89,00€ (11,82€ Savings)
More from eBay: LOGITECH GAMING G700s BLACK wi ... to $ 77.99

Logitech G700s
First of two Wireless mouse of our guide, with the ability to use wired without battery.

Connecting to Mhrz, 8200 1000 DPI, 13 programmable buttons, Wired play

Battery indicator not perfect