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Zak Ben - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Illuminati are here, the Illuminati are everywhere! You're probably aware of some article I read on the Internet in which they say that there are definitely famous singers who are members of secret societies. According to researchers and conspiracy (conspiracy theorists -, it is said that these singers have agreed to become the Illuminati to be rich, to have fame, etc.. They share their message through gestures "satanic" lyrics on the contrary, modes of dress and much more to do to brainwash people.

WARNING: This article should be taken as a reference on the artists that are now on the crest of the wave, which are part of these secret societies. However, the style and the way it dealt with the article remains a subjective choice of owner. site that he created and which defines "conspiracy" even those who seek the truth, which is pretty suspicious, especially the final part article seems to want to classify these suspicions as unfounded or the result of fantasies from the web, therefore appears obvious attempt to downplay the phenomenon, curious about this too, propaganda disguised as complaints? some call this phenomenon aimed at debunking computer: "the technique of half-truths." I personally think that the phenomenon that links these artists to illluminati should not be underestimated and therefore there is very little to diminish. 

The Illuminati are the ones who promote, crises, wars and disasters of all kinds all over the globe, to get to the soil and Satanism and mind control. (Look for info and videos: "MK ULTRA"). It 'clear, therefore, that a connection between the two parties is more than obvious and very suspicious. Some artists like Katy Perry and Bob Dylan have themselves stated in a video interview that he had sold his soul to the devil for success, according to katy Perry adds that in the same interview: "there was no other way to get the full success. " 

DISCLAIMER: This piece was written based on some opinions on these singers of conspiracy in relation to the Illuminati and based on research carried out on the web. It does NOT mean that these singers do really part of the Illuminati. Conspiracy theorists often lie. Therefore, it is up to you whether to believe it or not!